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Apr 14, 2008 10:38 AM

Sorellina or Mistral?

We will be dining with a group of 6. My husband and I have been to Mistral on numerous occasions and have never had anything less than a wonderful experience. None of the friends that will be joining us have been to either restaurant. We have looked over both menus and are having a tough time deciding which to go to. Looked at many other options (Teatro, Lucca, Union) whose menus were also very appealing, but narrowed it down to Mistral and Sorrelina. My husband is leaning toward Sorellina because we haven't tried it. I kind of want our friends to try Mistral because I feel it is very straightforward wonderfully prepared food, and we've never taken anyone there who didn't love it. Also wanted to mention that we are headed to a comedy show after dinner and wanted an atmosphere for dinner that is at least somewhat lively but with great food. Since we've never been to Sorellina, not sure what the "vibe" is there, but have heard fabulous things about the food. Thoughts??

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  1. I'm a huge fan of both restaurants and in my opinion, you'll have the same great experience at Sorrellina as you would Mistral. Food and service are both on par with Mistral and the atmosphere is probably one notch below on the "lively" scale. The kobe meatball pasta dish is awesome, the tuna tatare is great and I had some "special" steak last time which was phenomenal. Choosing between Mistral and Sorrelina is kind of lick choosing between driving your Lexus or your Mercedes. You're gonna enjoy both rides, it's just a question of which you are in the mood for.

    1. You've been to Mistral, they don't change the menu often, try Sorrllina. Great culinary team and the room is a beauty. Service has ranged from Perfect to Overbearing; but I say give it a shot.

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        I agree - both are excellent and consistently good...but I think Sorrelina is a bit more "special" (and a tad bit pricier) sure to order the truffle french fries at Sorrelina. They are to die for.

      2. They are both fantastic restaurants. Since they are sister restaurants, you can expect the same quality and service at both. As others have said, its just a matter of what you are in the mood for, but you can't go wrong either way.

        1. Thanks so much everyone for your input. It looks like we're headed to Sorrelina. I'm sure we'll enjoy it every bit as much as Mistral! Can't wait!