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Apr 14, 2008 10:35 AM

Where can I find slab bacon in Austin?

Does anyone know where I can buy a pound of slab bacon in Austin? I need my bacon slices cut about 3/8 of an in thick for lardons in a recipe and all the stores I've called/checked thus far only sell pre-cut bacon that is 1/8 in thick. Basically I need a place that has a giant block of bacon they can slice to my specifications. Places I've checked thus far:

Central Market
Whole Foods
Oakville Grocer
Sun Harvest

If anyone knows where I can find this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  1. You might see if Peach Creek Farm can do it for pick-up at one of the farmers markets:

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      Unfortunately, I need the bacon sooner than Saturday's farmer's market, and they don't seem to visit the Wednesday one at The Triangle.=(

      1. re: anna_banana

        They do go to the Triangle market; I've bought from them there before. I can't find a phone # on their site, but there is this contact form:

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          Yeah, I already sent them an e-mail. Hopefully I will get a response relatively soon. It's just their online order form doesn't list the Triangle as an option for pick-up.

    2. Have you tried the deli counter at one of the HEB Plus stores, or even a regular HEB ? Worth a phone call to check..

      1. You might try calling Longhorn Meats on MLK. I've been able to get all manner of hard to find meats there, including a whole pig for Xmas this year.

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          I actually ended up going there and they had it. Thanks! =)

        2. I've found it at HEB in the past. They also carry smoked ham hocks.

          1. Central Market (at least the south store) carries Smithfield brand dry cured slab bacon in cloth sacks just before you turn the corner at the seafood counter (acrosss from the sausages, not the section by the wine). They also have the whole hams on display here.