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Chicago Deep Dish in TO

Im just looking for Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza in TO. No Pizza hut please. Thanks Hounds!

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  1. I have never been to Toronto. but I AM from Chicago, and I can tell you that I have never found real Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza in any pizzeria anywhere else. Those awful Pizzeria Uno chain places are nothing like the original Uno's on Wabash.

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      I would actually be fine with a Pizzeria Uno chain but I don't think there are even any of those in Canada.

      There is apparently a place in Hamilton that does a deep-dish pizza.

    2. It doesn't exist, trust me (I grew up in Chicago). There is a place in Hamilton called "Chicago Style Pizza" (or something like that!) that is apparently reasonably close to the real deal. Our Hamilton hounds can give you the details.

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          Can't encourage you enough to make the trek to Hamilton. Go early. It's insanely busy.

        2. Am not making any claims to it's Chicago-ness or authenticity, but Pizzaiolo does a deep dish meat pizza that may satisfy a craving. I've had it from the Kingston Rd/Dundas location. Deep dish has never been my favourite, but it has been lauded in my house as being a great dinner.

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          1. re: Julie McCoy

            Loblaws makes a frozen deep-dish pizza. Will that do? :)

            Seriously, my experiences with deep-dish pizza in Chicago made me wonder what all the fuzz is about anyway. I know it's technically "stuffed pizza" but Giordano's had to be one of the worst pizzas I have ever had. Pizzeria Uno was all right.

            Now if I could find an Italian beef sandwich here, I would be very happy!

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              I tried Pizza Uno in Boston and was really disappointed but I now believe that is not authentic deep dish pizza. I look forward to trying that place in Hamilton sometime.

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              Just a heads up on the Pizzaiolo think it's called "The Boss" pizza they market as a Chicago Style. I was looking around for this in Toronto and a friend rec'd it. It's essentially a regular pizza with really thick crust, not deep dish at all and wasn't all that good.

              The closest thing I've found is the Loblaws Chicago style. It's not bad but nothing compares to fresh. I need to make the trip to Hamilton sometime. The Giordano's "stuffed deep dish" is one of my faves. It's the ultimate in decadant pizza goodness. Toppings are litterally swimming around in a cheese blend covered with a layer of sauce on top that's about as thick as a decent peice of apple pie.

            3. Sadly, just like cheesesteaks, nothing like it here.

              1. I've writen a review in regards to www.chicagopizzakitchen.com. Being from Toronto, this is the thickest and tastiest pizza I have ever had. Fresh toppings, perfect goden crust, and layers and layers. You cant go wrong with this place.

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                1. re: Philip T

                  The URL is actually www.chicagopizzakitchen.ca . It looks about as authentic as you're going to get between here and the Wabash Uno's.

                  1. re: Eatertainer

                    Chicago Pizza Kitchen's pizza is really good and is something that would pass in Chicago without much difficulty. The fact that they got the chunky tomato sauce "right" goes a long way in selling it's authenticity in my book. It's not as good as Uno or Gino's but it's as good as any other random place in Chicago.

                    1. re: Boodah

                      Damn, so that chunky sauce is the standard in Chicago?

                      Bummer.. thats my least favorite part of the pizza, for both me and my family... too much tomato

                      1. re: duckdown

                        Chunky tomato sauce is really sort of the standard for Chicago-style deep dish pizza although you will get some variation in Chicago itself (including some places that just use regular sauce). The guys at CPK are cool, though, and would likely have no problem dialing down the amount if you asked them to.

                        1. re: Boodah

                          I believe you can opt for a meat sauce instead.


                          1. re: Davwud

                            That is true, they asked me if I wanted a meat sauce.

                            Also the "Spiro's Pepperoni" pizza (which I didn't try) also features the meat sauce.

                            I wonder what it's like...

                            1. re: duckdown

                              I much prefer the chunky tomato.


                              1. re: Davwud

                                When they call it a meat sauce, is it like a bolognese sauce that you'd put on your spaghetti?

                                I don't think I'd really like alot of that on my pizza, yeah

                                1. re: duckdown

                                  Ya, kinda from what I remember. I only had it once and while it was tasty, I liked the other sauce so much better.