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Apr 14, 2008 10:29 AM

Sushi Zo for non-fish eater

I've read a million great reviews of Sushi Zo and would love to take my husband there for our anniversary. The only problem is that I don't eat fish!

We go to other sushi restaurants and I usually order teriyaki or other non-fish items. Does anyone know if they offer non-fish items at Sushi Zo? I know this sound crazy but my husband is such a good guy, I would like to take him somewhere he would love.

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  1. Sushi Zo will not work if you don't eat fish. They really don't do cooked food and their whole thing is about our finny friends. Maybe you could send your hubby with a buddy for dinner while you go out with the buddy's SO/spouse for dinner, and your hubby could tell you all about it on his return?

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    1. re: Servorg

      thanks for your reply! yep it sounds like it's not meant to be for us together....

    2. sushi zo only serves exquisite fish.

      1. he would love you more if u ate fish with him.

        haha jk

        good luck and happy anniversary

        1. If you're after really high quality fish for your husband and good non-fish options for yourself, then you might want to try Kiriko on Sawtelle in West LA. The sushi is outstanding (maybe even rivalling Sushi Zo on some days) and they've got lots of other stuff on their menu for you to try.

          1. There are a lot of non-fish items on the menu: the uni, the scallops, the abalone...

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              LOL. I always tell the non fish eaters, just go to the raw bar and have the oysters on the half shell instead.