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Apr 14, 2008 10:12 AM

Affordable knife shop in Baltimore

Hi guys,

Has anyone recently purchased a higher end knife for a reasonable price? I am having trouble finding a decently-priced knife store. I went to the cooking store in Columbia Mall, and that was really expensive and out of the knife I really wanted. I read on some boards that lots of people like "Asian" knives, so I check the H-Mart in Catonsville and they only have a Henckel's santoku knife. They do have some ceramic knives, but I don't think I'm going that route. The American Grinding Company always seems to be closed when I drive by, and their old phone number (from when they were near the stadium) doesn't work anymore. I haven't been to Frank's Cutlery, yet. I went to the culinary arts college on Commerce St. At first they were gonna let me check out the bookstore there, but then they declined. Walmart and Target don't have good enough quality for me. I don't like the Kitchen Aid knives some hounds like. I do like a few Calphalon brand knives, however I only saw them as a set in the Columbia Mall store. I would really appreciate any recommendation. Doesn't have to be Foereshner or whatever, just good quality that can be sharpened again and again for years to come. Thank you so much.

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  1. I love my Global (Japanese) and it's cheaper than high end German knives and even sharper. Wegman's sells them but I don't think they're discounted anywhere. I believe the 10" chef knife is $120. If you go to Amazon and combine it with a $30 sharpener (they do require their own special sharpener) you usually get a $20 discount on kitchen purchases over $125.

    1. Not a guaranteed solution by any stretch, but if you're anywhere near a Home Goods (and since you mention Columbia Mall, I'm guessing you are) they sometimes get in good to very good knives at reasonable prices. Their stock is completely unpredictable, though, so you just have to sort of keep checking back. I got a Calphalon Katana 6" chef's knife there for under 30 bucks, and I love it dearly. The deals aren't consistent, but there are gems to be found.

      Home Goods
      9051 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia, MD


        Buy a Tojiro DP (japanese knife, western style)... end of discussion...

        Could you be more specific about your needs and what kinds of knives you are looking for? The Tojiro DP are by far the best japanese style bargain knives that you can buy.

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          I am actually buying a single good knife for my mother. She only uses one knife, except for her butcher knife. She doesn't like chef knives. What she uses is more like a 6-inch utility knife or 8-inch sandwich knife; it can't have too large of a height. (Not sure where the heck she got her current one from and what kind of knife it is.) She's been using the worst knives forever, cuts herself occasionally. I cook at my parents' place a lot these days, and I have to work real slow or I cut myself. The Tojiro's look interesting in that the Gyutou blade is not as high as a "regular" chef's knife. Is that correct?

        2. bmorecupcake - I am not sure if you are willing to travel or not, but I have been to a really great knife shop in Intercourse Pa. approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours from here. The name of the place is Country Knives Inc. Address is
          4134 Old Philadelphia Pike
          PO Box 576
          Intercourse PA 17534
          Website -

          They have a great selection of any type of knife you are looking for. They have the biggest selection of Kitchen knives I have ever seen in one location. You can actually touch and feel any knife they sell. They also have a great selection of Pocket, Hunting, Sport, and collectors knives in their shop. For a person who really likes knives it is a wonderful place to spend an hour or two looking.