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Jul 14, 2002 02:17 AM

The Standard hotel restaurant?

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I've only seen one 1 review so far, and that was from late May. Was wondering if anyone's been their recently and could recommend anything. Really hoping it will turn out to be something like Cafeteria in Chelsea, NYC.

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  1. Not having been to Cafeteria, I can only offer this. There's usually a woman in a terrarium like enclosure over the front desk. There's some video art--not unlike you might find at the higher priced Mondrian Hotel down the street. There's a patio where I'm told you can get food (probably need a reservation). And the restaurant itself ain't bad but there's better food elsewhere in this town, though not in the Strip environment for these prices. So, you want environment, or food?

    1. Are you talking about the Standard downtown, or the one in Hollywood? As to the one downtown, food was pretty mediocre for such a high-priced diner, and eating outside on the patio was almost unbearable because of how loud the music was. Still, the inside all-yellow decor is mighty fine and there's not much you can do wrong with an omelette. Beware ordering a mixed drink, though; they were 9+ dollars apiece, or else we were overcharged. Definitely check out the rooftop bar -- what a view, and quite a scene.

      1. I have never been to the Standard downtown, but I have been to the one on the strip. It is very trendy. I don't think the food is bad... but it is definitely not as good as the food at Cafeteria in NYC. The portions are slightly smaller and the Standard's food has a little more of an asian influence. It's a nice trendy place to go to late at night since it is open 24/7 but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there especially since parking can get quite pricey on the weekends.