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Apr 14, 2008 10:07 AM

Sycamore Review - Bethel, CT

So I took the family down to the Sycamore this weekend. Even though I’ve been there before it’s only been for the cruise nights and not the food, but I was craving something so I figured what the heck. I know they’re known for two things: their hamburgers (thin “French” style) and the fact that they’re an authentic oldies place (not a “new” place trying to be old). Here’s the rundown of our order:
Me: one cheeseburger, one onion burger, one Sycamore dog (hot dog with a slice of bacon, sauerkraut, relish, & mustard). The burgers were really good. They’re very thin but they’re not chewy or burnt, done perfectly. I would definitely get them again. The hot dog was ehh. The bacon wasn’t crispy or hot enough – I mean I wasn’t not going to eat it but I’d rather have another burger.
Wifey: Turkey club – it was OK. Again the bacon wasn’t crispy enough, but she ate it.
Daughter: Fish sandwich – it was OK. It was real unprocessed fish (unlike McD’s), but seemed a little greasy. I finished it.
We shared a basket of curly fries - a little burnt, but we had no problem finishing them.
Daughter and I had root beer (their own recipe) which was served in frosty mugs – this was pretty good, just wish the mugs were bigger.
We sat at the counter and had a pretty good time (sat there by choice as daughter wanted to sit on the stools). The staff was friendly throughout our visit.
Overall - I would definitely go back for the food. I would stick to the burgers and root beer as I know they’re winners – though I may try something else to supplement this. Tab was $28 for the 3 of us, not including tip (prices very reasonable).

Sycamore Restaurant
282 Greenwood Ave, Bethel, CT 06801

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  1. When our family goes to the Sycamore we also pretty much stick to the burgers, fries and root beer. That's all good.

    1. the only reason any one goes to the Sycamore is the burgers ,rootbeer and cruise nights
      see you on cruise night

      1. I just finally tried the Sycamore (drove there from West Hartford) on Saturday and LOVED IT. I'm a picky burger eater and for divey type places I really only eat them from 5 Guys (which I love) but I totally ponied up to eat the Dagwood burger at the Sycamore. Three of us ordered one of those and I also got the Sycamore dog but felt it was meh, as you did. The rootbeer (as well as the float) were fantastic. My mug of rootbeer had a hint of cream soda flavor too. YUM.

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        1. re: masha bousha

          I agree with all the previous posts. We drove up from Fairfield yesterday, on the way to Kent Falls. All three of us had Dagwood burgers with bacon, a basket of fries (cooked well done) and root beer floats. The burger patty had a nice flavor and wasn't too greasy. We'll be coming back again.

        2. I had the same problem when I ate the turkey club there. The turkey didn't taste right to me, and the bacon was soggy, but all in all, it is a great place to eat.

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          1. re: CTfood12

            It's a frequent stop when I'm hunting in nearby Redding. Dagwood burger all the way.