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Apr 14, 2008 10:01 AM

Help with my SD choices

Travelling for work to San Diego this week. Help me with my choices. Good line up? Others that are better? Cant' miss spots? I am at the Paradise Point Resort.

Tuesday: Dinner res at Sushi Ota by myself. Is it much better than the closer Mister Sushi? Is Izakaya Masa a better choice?

Wednesday: going to head to the Ocean Beach farmer's market and do fish tacos at South Beach Bar & Grille. Good call?

Thursday: A friend gets into town that night and need to do soemthing close to hotel, and wanted to check out Mission Beach. Green Flash? I know it is a tourist trap, but what is better in that area? Anyplace with ocean views?

Friday: Going out to Hillcrest that night with my friend. Thought about doing Mama Testa's or Bite if we wanted high end. Other thougths?

Saturday: Lei Lounge, as we will probably head out to Hillcrest again? Other Hillcrest ideas would be great, or between our hotel and there.

Where to eat when doing a day at the Zoo? How about a lunch in the gaslamp?

Sorry, I know this is a lot to ask! Thanks for any help.

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  1. Love Sushi Ota and it's close to your hotel..
    Baleen at Paradise Point is excellent..expensive but good.
    Good call on South Beach for fish tacos..try and have cocktails at Pacific Shores on of the best dive bar classics..
    I would do Jordon at Tower 23 over Green Flash..maybe have drinks at GF..
    I would do Gaslamp or La Jolla on Saturday night..maybe George's Modern or Jack's.
    Lunch at the Prado next to the zoo..
    Have a great time!

    1. Great research! I'll start with the Zoo... I'd actually go back to Hillcrest or to North Park to eat. From the zoo, take Park Ave. north, then make a left on University to head for Hillcrest or a right to head to North Park. It looks like you'll be there at least 2-3 times, but there's plenty to eat in that area.

      You already have some Hillcrest eateries on your list and both are great. Right around Bite/Mama Testa's, there's also Yog-Art for a great snack (esp. with all the hot weather we've been having) and Wine Steals. Further west, there are a bunch of Hillcrest eateries on and around University. Khyber Pass, Yakitori Yadkudori, The Better Half, etc.

      North Park has Urban Solace, Zensei Sushi, The Linkery, Apertivo. Further east (about 2-3 miles), there's the fabulous Super Cocina and Mariscos German (tons of threads on both of these places). Here's the list of ever-changing dishes at Super Cocina (


      As for your Tuesday plan, I love Sushi Ota, so my vote's for that.

      Can't help with Mission Beach too much, but if you want to head to nearby Pacific Beach, there's a very recent thread ( on PB eateries.

      One Gaslamp/downtown favorite is Cafe Chloe. Chive is also good, but I'm not sure if it's open for lunch or not. Mr. Geeky really likes The Kebob Shop as a lunch spot. For great pastries (or a light lunch), look for Cafe L'Opera on the quiet intersection of 5th and Ash, which is a little north of Gaslamp.

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      1. re: geekyfoodie

        Are you referring to Opera Patiserrie? I think AliceQ reported a while ago that they had closed and here is a reference to a location move....

        If not the same place, then forgive my intrusion.

        1. re: foodiechick

          Well, yes and no. L'Opera is in the same location and I believe there was some sort of conflict that led the cafe's owners to split off from Opera Patisserie (this needs to be double-checked) and re-open the cafe as L'Opera, while Opera went off to start up their Sorrento Valley location (which is coming soon). Alice started a new thread on the cafe's reincarnation.

      2. For Izakaya Masa you're better off just having the izakaya dishes. Their sushi is sub par although everything else is usually excellent.

        And for a cheap lunch around the Gaslamp there's Little Hawaii near the library. They have really good sushi for such a small place and their teriyaki bentos are great (especially for $6.95).

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          The tuna carpaccio is my fave at Izakaya Masa. I agree with just sticking to the izakaya dishes, they have so many to choose from.

        2. Thanks for the feedback and great replys. I also won't have a car, so they all need to be cab or foot friendly.

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          1. re: Chargenda

            Hm... I strongly recommend looking into a car rental. They can be pretty cheap and you might end up spending just as much (if not more) on cab fare. Bus transportation is better in the downtown/Hillcrest/North Park area, but from Paradise Point, it's going to be sparse and likely very frustrating.

            If you make your way to the zoo via cab, then bus transportation can take you from the zoo to Hillcrest and North Park. You can move around very easily on foot or via public transportation within downtown/Gaslamp.

          2. Great agenda and thanks for doing your homework!
            It sounds like you have a car while you are here so these are based on that premise.

            Tuesday--Sushi Ota for sure--don't consider anything else.
            Wednesday--Love the plan and if you are still hungry try Hodad's for great burgers. I agree with the Pac Shores idea. Great dive bar.
            Thursday-- Don't do the Green Flash try JDRN same view much much better food. More upscale though.
            Friday--Both Bite & Mama Testa are great. I really love Farmhouse & Parkhouse in University Heights (right near Hillcrest).
            Saturday--there is a new club/restaurant called Universal in Hillcrest but haven't been. Modus is also an option in Hillcrest/Bankers Hill that is a lounge/restaurant with a DJ.

            For lunch in the gaslamp I like Cafe Chloe, Dobsons, Currant and also if it is a nice day the Deck at the Fishmarket is right on the bay and has decent seafood.