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Apr 14, 2008 09:49 AM

Damn you Artichoke!

Stood in line a half hour Friday evening-gave up (and went around the corner to Luzzo's which is pretty good). Drove back twice Saturday afternoon-closed each time. Staggered in Sunday night at 9:30 PM. Still a long line for the square and artichoke pizzas and artichoke fritters. Cut in front of everyone by agreeing to accept only round slices. Desperately wanted to hate it. Even though I was a little drunk, I wasn't impaired enough not to be able to tell that this was (damn it) comparable to DiFara's. I know that such a comparison is blasphemous and when it was first made on the Slice website I condemned the writer to pizza purgatory. NY Magazine said it was more like the recently departed DeMarco's than DiFara's, of which I was probably the biggest fan. But the round slices were DiFaraesque-even better than DeMarco's (son of DiFara's). And judging by the line of loonies ahead of me, I suspect the squares may be even better. Looks like I'll be standing in line again soon. Damn.

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  1. the squares are better.

    and theyre just a hair under difaras minus the 2 hour wait. instead, you get a 45 minute wait with a bunch of pizza nerds off the L train.

    ill wait for the delivery to begin.

    1. I wish they would have earlier hours. I passed by a couple of weekends ago around 3P for a late lunch only to find out that they don't open til 4:30 or so. The guys there were telling me that they sometimes open til 5A. Seems more of a late night scene.

      1. Last week i did make it thru the line.....and was disappointed...although i loved it the first time. The just need to get the hang of things....they do do delivery....and they are more focused on that then feeding those that are in line.

        The slice i got last week was uneven- meaning they overneeded the dough. Some pieces looked better than others.....perhaps they could parbake a bunch of pies and finish off later - to cut the wait time in half.

        1. 1. Not worth more than a 5 minute wait.
          2. Get some posted hours going
          3. don't post it on a paper plate
          4. if we find you an apartment it should be worth more than 1 slice a day for a month
          5. even the Mexican guys at Patsy's (in Harlem) are more friendly

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          1. re: cubanat

            Sorry Cubanet, but not sure what any of this has to do with the Pizza. Personal issues, perhaps?

            1. re: MrNubbins

              Actually, I agree with cubanet on items 2, 3, and 4. I was spending some rare free time in the city today and went over to the east village solely for the purpose of trying their much-lauded pizza. I arrived at 1:50 PM and was greeted by a note on a paper plate that had been taped to the door. The note said they were sorry but would not be opening for "several hours". I was annoyed, and wondered why they could not simply decide on a schedule and stick to it, like everyone else. Only now, as I read this thread, am I realizing that they are not a daytime slice joint (as the press led us to believe) but a nighttime, line-around-the-corner-type joint (shades of Una Pizza Napoletana?-let's hope not).
              I wouldn't know about #s 1 or 5, but I will say that apartment-hunting in Manhattan is the kind of hellish experience that would warrant a share in the business, never mind free slices! Furthermore, this kind of total unreliability and disorganization is not "customer-friendly".

            2. re: cubanat

              the fellows were really friendly and enthusiastic on my visit. can't argue with the need for regular hours and consistency with the menu, though. they were open and turning out pies around 2pm when i was there, but none of the more intriguing nonpizza dishes (cauliflower fritters, stuffed artichokes, broc rabe heroes, etc) were ready.

              1. re: wleatherette

                I agree. They were really nice to me as well. I also wish they had regular hours.

                1. re: wleatherette

                  You're lucky- I showed up at close to 2 PM and it looked as though they had just gotten there. The estimated time of opening was in a "few hours". I found that to be major let-down. And if such a non-schedule persists, it will, no doubt, become a major detractor for many.

                  1. re: vvvindaloo

                    i agree. i really hope that they can get on track and organized.

              2. The square was good, and the neapolitan slice was (somewhat) reminiscent of Dom's, but on my visit both slices were reheated badly and were nearly burnt. I was also not a big fan of the artichoke slice; it's a bit too creamy and bulky.

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                1. re: logicchop2

                  Agree entirely. Been there twice. Didn't have to wait much, so may be more generous than others here, but the first time I sampled square and round: found the first spongy but pretty good and the latter a little crackery but also good. Second trip had the artichoke, which was spongy and creamy and over-rich, good if you're drunk no doubt, but still pretty indulgent; and another slice of the "Neapolitan", which this time was better and I would describe verbatim as "somewhat reminiscent of Dom's"—very, very good but ultimately second-tier. If the wait is longer than twenty minutes, go up the street to Posto.

                  1. re: logicchop2

                    Unless you're into, like, waiting.