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Apr 14, 2008 09:35 AM

Dinner for 70 in Vegas

As my office's resident food fiend, I have been tasked with finding a good restaurant in Vegas for about 70 people in August. The conference is at the Monte Carlo (so the restaurant would need to be walkable or cab-able from there), and they're looking for a price point of $50 per person or less, excluding drinks. Help!

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  1. depends on what kind of food every one likes... Diablo's Cantina inside monte carlo is a nice place for mex food and i'm sure they would do some kind of partial buyout of the place for a party that large....

    1. Good and 50 bucks on the strip is a tall order for 70 people . For 70 people you are going to have to go Price Fixe -- If you want to go the mexican route -- I prefer Border Grill over Diablos and they can definitely accomodate that many. ANd I had a price fixe that ran about that a few years ago but that was for 20 people. You may want to try something like Cafe Ba Ba Reeba or Maggiano's both are chains but pretty decent. Maggiano's has private rooms and Cafe Ba Ba Reeba can usually block off part of their restaurant.