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Apr 14, 2008 09:31 AM

Starving For Restaurants Near Prospect Park!

Especially in need are the neighborhoods around the southern half of the park: Windsor Terrace, Prospect Park South and Prospect Lefferts Gardens: they are spiffing up and a couple of outdoor cafes would really be nice! And a decent restaurant or two inside the actual park would also be cool, no?

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  1. Isn't there a pseudo cafe in the Boat House? On PPSW there's a high end coffee shop. Right next to the pet store. Close to 16th street I believe. And next to a pizzeria and Uncle Louie G's.

    Also on weekends in Drummer's Circle you'll see a bunch of Carribean food stands. Abeit they're not cafes but they have goo food.

    1. True, somwhere to eat inside the park would be great, however, they aren't going to make it more than a daytime thing due to the security issue once the sun goes down. Outside of the park you've got a few good options, with Applewood and 12th Street Bar and Grill being my favorite and closest to your area.

      1. On PPW you have Italian/pizza, Australian, Filipino, and with a nice garden the Moroccan/French Fez Cafe.

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        1. Junik on Church Ave for Bengali.

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            Church and what? Can you say more about this place?