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Apr 14, 2008 09:24 AM

Kosher Restaurant Open For Passover in DC/Silver Spring/Baltimore Area?

We are planning a trip to the DC area during Chol HaMoed and would like to know if anyone knows of any restaurants that are Kosher for Peasch in the area. I looked on the OU website but no restaurants in that region were listed…

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  1. Here's the list of restaurants generally certified by the Vaad of Greater Washington. You can call up the restaurants or the Vaad itself and see if anything is open.

    My guess is that even if nothing else is open, the GW Hillel kosher dining hall would be.

    1. Kosher Pastry Oven Cafe in Silver Spring will be open. I don't know about others.

      (OU does not certify in the DC area.)

      1. Kosher for Pesach in DC area:

        Colonial Kosher Cafe at GW Hillel
        2300 H Street, NW
        Washington, DC 20037
        (202) 994-2189

        11:30am - 7pm Tuesday - Thursday

        Moti's Grill (at Kosher Mart)
        4860 Boiling Brook Parkway
        Rockville, MD 20852
        Phone: 301-468-0400/Fax: 301-460-0408
        11:30am-8pm Tuesday
        11:30am-9pm Wednesday-Thursday
        11:30am-4pm Friday

        Kosher Pastry Oven and Cafe
        1372 Lamberton Drive
        Silver Spring, MD 20902
        Phone: 301-592-8844
        7:30am-5pm Tuesday-Thursday
        7:30am-2pm Friday