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Apr 14, 2008 09:15 AM

Graduation dinner near beltway in MD

Hi everyone-- I'm graduating from UMD in May and will have some relatives coming to the area. I'm looking for a good dinner for about 10-15 people in a mid-price range (entrees in the lower $20s). It's a very picky crowd. Everyone likes Chinese and Italian food, but I get to make the final decision so other suggestions would be appreciated as well! They'd like to drive rather than Metro so places around the beltway would be best. I'd prefer not to go to Clyde's or that type of restaurant since I can go there anytime. Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. Here's a listing of restaurants near campus --

    Haven't been there for a while, but the Calvert House was fine then and would satisfy your requirements.

    1. Perhaps Mrs. K's Tollhouse? It's off of 29 near the beltway.

      1. Congrats to a fellow Terp!! Pasta Plus a couple of miles north of Beltway on Rte 1 in Laurel might do. Its in nothing center but they have white table cloths. I bet if you call in advance and tell them the occation they will set a side one of the side rooms for you and your family.

        Lots of posts on board about Chinese places in Wheaton and Rockville. You should also look into Dino if you think they will drive into DC.

        1. I graduate from UMD on the 17th also and have the same dilemma. I was thinking about doing it at Grace's fortune just because they can accomodate my 15 guests easily and I hear the food is good. I dont know if the Bowie location is right off the beltway though cause I've never been to it