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Apr 14, 2008 09:05 AM

Beltsville Chow?

Hi, I'll be solo in Beltsville tomorrow night, at the Sheraton on Powdermill and would love to find some local chow! Even good take out to bring back to the hotel would great! Close to the hotel would be best. TIA~

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  1. You should be close to a number of good Korean restaurants. There are also options further out in College Park that might deliver.

    1. Da Rae Won Korean Chinese with home made noodles
      Garrett & route 1

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      1. re: deangold

        How is Myoung Dong? I'm intrigued by Korean fried chicken. Da Rae Won appears to be closed on Tuesdays.

        1. re: Angel Food

          I liked Myong Dong a lot more before they remodeled. The noodles are not as good nor are the panchan. It is still very good but I always skip it in favor of Da Rae Won. They are closed Tuesdays. Funny how often I jones for some incredible Man Doo or hand pulled noodles on a Tuesday! But after posting earlier today, I just had to go and have #4 (spicy beef & seafood soup with hand pulled noodles) and Fried Man Doo. I am still in a food stupor 7 hours later and it was less than $20 including a beer! One more bowl of noodles and 2 could have over eaten happily!

      2. In addition to La Fuente (see our other post), there is at least one decent pho place across Rte 1 from Costco. I think it's called Pho Vn One.

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          There's another good pho house, Pho 88, just down the road from Vn One.

        2. They have very good jerk chicken at the Carribean Delight right across from Circuit City on Route 1. Platos Diner in College Park is really good too, but it is a little further away.

          1. almost forgot. there is a new five guys burgers close to you. technically it is silver spring, but it is right on route 29 between randolph (cherry hill) and new hampshire. no more than a five minute drive.