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Jul 13, 2002 09:43 PM

Victor's Deli

  • k

how's the pastrami on rye? any other comments?

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  1. Kevin,
    Don't know about the pastrami but assume it's passable. The Victor's folk own or seem to own both Victor's (a liquor store/deli) where you might find some pastrami and you will definitely find some good wine and imported beers (perhaps slightly higher priced than say Wine House or Top Line) and the adjoining Victor's Square Restaurant (where again you might find the pastrami, tho I'd opt for the take out at the deli). If none of this is satisfying, you can run across the street to the Mayfair Market and try your luck there. Ciao.

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    1. re: mc michael

      The deli was there for decades before the cafe -- that space, during the years I've lived in the area, was a police bar, a gay bar, and (I think) some sort of a Latin bar -- or maybe it was a gay police bar -- before its present incarnation.

      I've always enjoyed the pastrami at the deli, and the people there are nice and friendly. I've heard (and not from them) that Orson Welles used to patronize the place.

      Also, they roast and grind their own coffee. I continue to buy mine at Trader Joe's, but there are people who would appreciate the effort on Victor's part and don't mind paying for it.

      The restaurant lost points with me a couple years ago when I brought in a copy of the New York Times one Sunday; there's a newsstand between where I live and Victor's.

      I didn't know that Victor's sold the paper, as well, and the manager got quite abusive, accusing me of stealing mine from the restaurant's stash.

      I've been back since then (it's a decent place to meet for lunch), but probably not as often as I might have before the incident.

      Incidentally: it's at the corner of Franklin and Bronson, in Hollywood.

      1. re: Todd Everett

        Always ask for a reciept when you buy a newspaper.

    2. I liked their pastrami. I got mine on sourdough (gasp! sacrilege!) because I hate the caraway seeds in rye bread. The meat was moist, tender & nice. It was good with just a squeeze of mustard. Not piled high like the ones you get in NY but still a pretty generous portion.

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      1. re: Sonia

        As an incidental matter, Victor's (referred to as Victor's Liquor Store) gets a thank you on Concrete Blonde's "Group Therapy."

      2. The original comment has been removed