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Apr 14, 2008 08:37 AM

What should a lacto-ovo vegetarian eat before moving to Berlin?

I'll be moving to Berlin later this summer. As a vegetarian, what/where should I eat before leaving? Ideally, foods and experiences that I can't find in Berlin...

I'll be reposting this on the Outer Boroughs board too.


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  1. not sure how many are left, but what about an old school kosher dairy place? i used to ADORE diamond dairy in midtown, fwiw.....

    also, and forgive the probable ignorance of the question, can/will most lacto-ovo vegetarians eat caviar? not being sarcastic in the least: they *are* eggs, but obtaining them isn't exactly as friendly as obtaining eggs from our avian friends.....

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    1. re: david sprague

      Hi David,

      I understand what you mean re: caviar. I personally choose not to eat them. Or squid ink pasta. Both of which are products that I believe require killing to get. So while not meat, I choose not to eat those things. Not sure how other lacto-ovo vegetarians feel about it, though.

      I get kinda intimidate by those old-school places in midtown. Do you recommend anything specifically in them?

    2. Any Asian cuisine that you really love, especially Chinese, Korean, Japanese. "Ethnic" cuisine, except for African and Middle Eastern is much pricier.