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Where to Buy Lamb?

I am looking for somewhere to buy lamb.

I live in Foggy Bottom so my options are limited. (Trader Joe's and the worst Safeway EVER.) However, I will travel for moderately priced, good quality lamb.

Does anyone know a good butcher or store for this?

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  1. Lamb at Whole Foods is fine. I've also bought excellent lamb at the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church and there is a seller or really good lamb at the Dupont market on Sundays.

    1. Wegmans sells very good quality lamb.

      1. Virginia lamb and Eco-Friendly both have amazing lamb at the Dupont Market on Sunday.

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        1. I would search for Halal meat markets in Arlington, FCh. You will find very good meat at good prices more often than not.

          1. (broken record) Eastern Market. closes at 6 on most days, 4 on Sunday. shut on Monday. they'll french it if you want or even supply a whole lamb if that's your thing.

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              I have bought lamb for vindaloo and stew here and it's great, by the metro (on the orange and blue in fact) and much cheaper than the other farmers markets

            2. a butcher in Gambrills, MD has quality meat, My Butcher and More.

              1. Crazy-good lamb and other meat - try The Organic Butcher in McLean VA
                Also, Brookville Market on Brookville Road in Chevy Chase MD has a real butcher that knows meat.

                1. I think this is what you are looking for. All cuts of lamb (including offal), very fresh, very reasonable.

                  Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant, 109 East Annandale Rd (At the corner of Lee Hwy/Rt29 Annandale), 703-241-2012. Open til 9 pm daily.

                  1. Wholefoods lamb is imported from New Zealand. Buy local from Colorado. Try this place, it's some of the best lamb I have tasted since I left the UK.

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                      Lebanese Butcher is even more local. They have their own slaughterhouse in Virginia. I recently sent some Sicilian friends here, and they were amazed. They said it is the best lamb they have had since leaving home. One thing that makes it good is that it is very young lamb.

                    2. The secret to good lamb is that it needs to be MADE IN THE USA.

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                        Unless you have tasted British Lamb of course (smiles)

                      2. Check Halal Gourmet Meats in Rockville on 355. Costco has excellent chops, racks, and leg.

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                          That Halal place on Rockville Pike is great.

                        2. The best lamb in the area that you can get without a car will come from either the folks at the Dupont Circle farmers market already mentioned and from Stonyman Farms at the Bethesda Womens Farm Coop. Both are organic and more importantly, grass fed, which produces the best lamb. I'm not sure that moderately priced and good quality can be had in the city. The lamb from the farmers markets is locally produced.