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Apr 14, 2008 08:27 AM

Where to Buy Lamb?

I am looking for somewhere to buy lamb.

I live in Foggy Bottom so my options are limited. (Trader Joe's and the worst Safeway EVER.) However, I will travel for moderately priced, good quality lamb.

Does anyone know a good butcher or store for this?

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  1. Lamb at Whole Foods is fine. I've also bought excellent lamb at the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church and there is a seller or really good lamb at the Dupont market on Sundays.

    1. Wegmans sells very good quality lamb.

      1. Virginia lamb and Eco-Friendly both have amazing lamb at the Dupont Market on Sunday.

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        1. I would search for Halal meat markets in Arlington, FCh. You will find very good meat at good prices more often than not.

          1. (broken record) Eastern Market. closes at 6 on most days, 4 on Sunday. shut on Monday. they'll french it if you want or even supply a whole lamb if that's your thing.

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              I have bought lamb for vindaloo and stew here and it's great, by the metro (on the orange and blue in fact) and much cheaper than the other farmers markets