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Apr 14, 2008 08:15 AM

Best in the West End

Looking for the best spots west of high park from those who've been there longer than i have. Don't wanna have to keep driving downtown when getting take-out. Thanks in advance ; )

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  1. Does it have to be takeout?

    Anatolia (which is turkish food) on Dundas near Kipling Station is incredible.

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      1. re: ssainani

        Yeah, just went to Chodang Soon Tofu - it's pretty great - the amount of food you get for the money is unbelievable. But there's not much beyond tofu on the menu (bibimbap, as well as a few other dishes...), and if you order, say, the beef and pork tofu stew, you don't get much beef and pork. At Chodang Soon Tofu, it really is all about the tofu (freshly made on the premises).

    1. Barcelona at Bloor and Royal York. Vibo and Via Allegro for highr end Italian. Thyme 4 for take out Italian and pizza. Mai thai kichen for thai. Momiji for sushi near vibo. Royal meats bbq on kipling and Magoos on Dundas for burgers.

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      1. re: DDD

        Ugh, I had the misfortune of trying Royal Meats a few weeks ago. SLOW service (waited more than 30 minutes for a simple burger) and it just wasn't that great.

        Go to Apache or something. Royal blows. I can definitely agree about Thyme 4 though. Pretty incredible.

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          I've had good experiences at Royal Meats.

          1. re: redearth

            I just recently noticed that place. Care to elaborate on your experiences? I've been going to the Royal Meats on Cawthra for take out lamb and pork for a few years.