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Apr 14, 2008 08:12 AM

Michael's of Brooklyn

I am taking a friend from California there tomorrow. He was born in Brooklyn and wants a good outer borough restaurant. It was recommended yesterday on this board as a good place in the neighborhood that we are visiting since my friend does not want to go to Di Fara for Pizza. I welcome reactions to this choice. Is it a good place?

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  1. I havent been in a while- I thought it was mediocre last time I went. I do, though, like their jarred sauce they sell at Fairway. Also I think their pastry shop (across the street) kind of kicks butt on most other ones. I don't realy have an alternatie recommendation in the area- Ortobello on Bay Parkway is on my list, but haven't been yet, and The restaurant on Avenue O that is basically in the same league as Michaels, La Palina, has about the same quality of food as Michael's, but much more character.

    1. My recent visits have been very good-though I'll say we get salads and pasta, so I can't comment on any other dishes. Is it Al di la? No-but it's a pleasant, comfortable red-sauce place.

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        ive been to michaels for a few meals, even did new years there one year.

        the food is good, nothing spectacular.

        check out da tomasso on 86th street and i believe 15th ave in brooklyn. it can get somewhat pricey but i always look forward to a meal there. great service as well.

      2. IMichael's is ok but if you're able to travel to Dyker Hts, I always rec. New Corner Restaurant They serve very good food. reasonable prices, safe neighborhood and street parking is available. (No small feat in most of Brooklyn. )
        It's been around since something like 1939 so I guess they must be doing something right.. :-} Try their Frito Msito platter. No matter how robust your appetite, be prepared to take half your dinner home.

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          Michaels is my favorite restaurant in the city. Family owned since the 60's and you're treated like family. The food is excellent and consistant. If you were there 10 years ago and go tomorrow, you'll find the same good fresh quality. Sorry Tay, but there is no way that New Corner (Ragu palace) is in the same catagory as Michaels (which by the way has a valet parking lot if that's important to you).

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            "there is no way that New Corner (Ragu palace) is in the same catagory as Michaels "
            I respectfully disagree. On my last visit I enjoyed a perfectly cooked dish of fettucine with salmon in a light yet creamy alfredo sauce that was far from the typical 'red sauce' Italian dinner fare. My companion had shell steak pizziola that he said was delicious.
            As for being well treated. If you patronize ANY restaurant on a consistant basis, you'll be 'treated like family.'

        2. If you go to Michael's, try to also pay a visit to Jomart chocolates across the road and three storefronts down. Their chocolate truffles are excellent--not quite Teuscher but far better than Godiva, and likely fresher and half the price of both--and the true Brooklyn atmosphere of the family-run place is a kick. They do have some lousy selections, so taste first.

          1. Michael's is only ok. I lived in Sheepshead Bay for 30 years before moving to SI, and can honestly say that in the area my two choices for a reasonably priced meal would be Fiorentino's or Trattoria, both on Ave. U. If you want to go a little bit further, definitely L&B Spumoni Gardens, which is a nice eat in pizza restaurant. Il Fornetto on Emmons Ave., or Areo on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge are also winners.

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              It should be noted that whiile Fiorentino's is in the Micheal's middle-of-the-road, restaurant category, Areo is a cut above and L&B Spumoni Gardens is basically a neighborhood pizzaria thet serves food.