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Katsu Sushi on Danforth

These people should be arrested for the food they sell here. It shouldn’t even be classified as food. Unbelievably awful. Soggy tempura. Undercooked rubbery tasteless teriyaki chicken. Soft, mushy rolls that looked like blobs of glue on the plate.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Avoid this place at all costs.

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  1. A fellow CH just posted their website... http://www.hrg88.com/daily/index.php It's part of a family of sushi places including Daily Sushi which get decent reviews.

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      I've had takeout from there once or twice, it was okay. Nothing special but not like the poster describes above. Hey grillcheese, can't help but notice that the two posts you've written about have both been negative reviews. Where do you recommend for good suishi?

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        Hey Millygirl - We've had good sushi at Sushi on Bloor, and at Kokame at Wilson and Bathurst. New Generation on Bloor has pretty good food, and their service (for us) has been outstanding. Aside from those, it has been pretty mediocre having sushi in Toronto.

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          Sushi on Bloor IS good. How about Hiro Sushi on King?

    2. It was good when it first opened, but I heard from someone in the neighbourhood that it changed hands a few years ago, with a rapid deterioration in quality. Better to walk to AjiSai for a non-AYCE japanese meal, at about the same cost or less.

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        Agreed. Aji Sai is our go to spot for sushi. It's always fresh and flavourful. For whatever reason I've always felt Katsu to be of inferior quality as compared to some other places. Maybe it's the AYCE compontent but for me it seems like fast food sushi.

      2. It's not owned or run by Japanese, so what did you expect. I haven't been for a few years, it was not great but the value is there is you like AYCE. (which I don't)

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          With respect, neither is Aji Sai, though the head chef trained in Japan. This is just one of those debates that are not resolvable: everytning has to do with quality of ingredients, attention to preparation. AYCE is almost by definition the opposite of this. But note that when it first opened, the food was pretty good! Not fantastic, but pretty good.

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            I agree, Katsu was fine when they first opened. That's where I'd take people who dropped over for lunch during the week as we can walk there in 2 minutes, but I stopped that a few years ago. We ate at Aji Sai 2 weeks ago, after trying Sakawaya for the first time a week earlier. At that time, Aji Sai was good but we liked Sakawaya better. Yesterday's episode at "Sakawaya Nouveau" makes Aji Sai our first choice again.

            Now I have nothing against Chinese running a restaurant, but it would only be natural to expect a Japanese person to be better at running a sushi place. You wouldn't eat at an Indian restaurant with non-Indian chefs would you?

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              Actually, at the Nataraj on Bloor, the original owners were Chinese. What do Chinese know about Indian food! guess what, they were from Calcutta and speak fluent Hindi (I was told).

        2. Try

          30 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T3A3, CA

          Sushi Kaji
          860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

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            . . .

            30 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T3A3, CA

          2. Katsu has always been okay for me. Not great but not bad, like so many other places. By now we've been to EVERY Japanese place on the Danforth and the only one that stands out -- in a not great way -- is Delight. Very fast food, the teriaki sauce is unspeakably bad.
            Always enjoyed Sakawaya and AjiSai.
            The place on Broadview, across from the subway was kinda funny.
            Not sure how I feel about Mariko.

            1. I've been to Katsu a few times recently. I can't say they're great but they weren't nearly as bad as they were when you went, that's unfortunate to hear.

              Their AYCE menu is limited so I just get a few fried dishes like the shrimp tenpura and fried ika and then exploit the rolls and salmon and red snapper sashimi/sushi. So far I haven't eaten anything that made me think twice about going back, but that being said I only go when I'm in the mood for quantity and not quality so my expectations have never been high walking in there.

              As several have mentioned here, real quality for an excellent price point can be found at Aji Sai.

              1. Katsu was, until tonight, our default neighbourhood sushi joint. We found the AYCE to be decent quality- not super, naturally, but very good. The tempura dishes were tender and well-cooked, the sashimi and maki all very acceptable. And we always appreciated the far greater variety on offer for weekends.

                I guess the fact that the place was nearly empty on a warm Saturday night should have been a clue... that, and the fact that in the two months since we last visited, the place appears to have changed hands again, as we didn't recognise a single server or cook.

                The food was strictly amateur hour. Miso soup was bland and nearly flavourless. The sushi featured great gobs of rice so poorly formed as to fall apart under the fish. Salmon was okay, red snapper was suspect, and tuna was simply not on the menu. I noticed that it wasn't mentioned in any of the lunch bentos, either- who ever heard of a sushi joint with no tuna?
                The sashimi was cut in such wide, ungainly pieces that it was difficult to eat. The tempura shrimp were strangely taste-free, and the squid was rubbery. I've never had worse sushi anywhere, ever.

                Service was a joke. While clearing a dish, the waitress knocked over my partner's nearly-full glass of club soda. It went everywhere. She cleaned the table with handfuls of napkins and... never bothered to replace the drink. We had to flag another server to ask for a replacement.
                Final straw: the stairs leading down into the washrooms were filthy. It was like they'd never seen a broom in weeks. The washrooms themselves were also dirty.

                We'll never go back.

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                  OMG, that sounds downright scary spicemustflow. Please write back so we know you actually survived. Yuchhhhh.

                  Next time do yourselves a favour and check out Aji Sai just east a few blocks, almost at Jones. It's our go to place. The food is very good, the people are very nice and it's very, very clean. They have the best spicy tuna.

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                    Aji Sai
                    783 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L2, CA

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                      We were actually parked on the street facing Aji (Eaton, maybe?) and as we drove bitterly away, I remembered that *this* is the sushi joint rec'd by Chowhounds.

                      So thanks for confirming that find, millygirl, we'll give it a try.