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Jul 13, 2002 09:14 PM

Toro illustrations/pictures at Echigo

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I made 5 copies of the chu-toro, oh-toro/otoro pictures/ illustrations from someone's personal webpage that I can no longer find in cyberspace. The digital color copies turned out better than the original inkjet printout I made them from(still need to imagine a slightly lighter shade of pink on all of them, however). This from the topic I started about 2 weeks ago on chowhounds. Echigo had not really started for business at 5:35PM tonight, and I gave the copies to the secondary waitress, explaining that I had mentioned to the main waitress about; that these were for the chowhound guest, should they request them when they come in for dinner. Not the sharpest photographs, but they should be adequate for most. But those who do read Japanese, will probably have a hard time reading the text.

Interesting, the waitress mentioned that the main waitress was the "owner", not sure what to make of that.

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