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Apr 14, 2008 07:12 AM

Where can I buy maple sugar?

Need some for a Claudia Fleming dessert. Would appreciate some leads.

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  1. I think there is a stall called Deep Mountain (?) that sells everything maple...maple syrup, sugar, etc. They should carry it.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Sorry I forgot to mention that the stall Deep Mountain is the one at Union Square Farmer's market!

    2. I know this website has it
      locally I'm almost positive I've seen it at the Union Square Farmer's Market

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      1. re: misnatalie

        You can get all form of maple sugar/syrup on Saturday and maybe other days at the Union Square Farmers' Market.

      2. WFM - in the section with the other sugars & baking ingredients.

        1. Trader Joe's has maple syrup at good prices -- they might have maple sugar.

          1. I found a recipe for Maple Sugar Snickerdoodles on and wanted to make these for xmas. Naturally, as a procrastinator - it was only a few days before xmas so I couldn't order any maple sugar online. I searched high-n-low - harris teeter, whole foods, wegmans, etc., but to no avail. . . Then a co-worker - male - said, "what about a health food store." He found one and said "maybe they have some." It was funny, 'cause I asked him to make the call . . . and he did! What a nice guy - and he's straight - very out of the ordinary. ANYWAY, he found HEALTHWAY sold MAPLE SUGAR - I stopped on my way home - and voila! Yes, I made an extra batch for just him - since he was so dang helpful and considerate. FANTASTIC!