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Apr 14, 2008 06:51 AM

how about the worst burgers in T.O?

Just noticing that the current posting on best burgers has a lot of reference to the worst ones too!
So here's one to consider for that title: Gabby's. Went to the Roncy location with some friends to watch the end of the Masters and most of us decided to have a burger because they were having a burger fest - limited time only. Well they sounded promising - and that's where it ended. We weren't expecting outstanding - we know we're in a basic sports pub, but these had to rank up there with the worst burgers ever. The sirloin burger and prime rib burger, talked up by the waitress and the menu, were pre-fab carboard burgers, cooked to the petrified point, served on dried out, clearly frozen and thawed wonderbuns, some burnt to hardcover point. Burgers and fries, to a person at our table, were stone cold - and the order had taken over half an hour to make it to the table - we figured they must be out chasing down the cow, but I'm pretty sure a cardboard cow wouldn't take that long to catch. Good caesars (the drink) though.

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  1. Well Mcdonalds is terible.

    1. I'll go with South St. Burger

      1. It is not interesting to talk about bad food -- too easy to find anywhere.

        Instead, let's warn people about bad burgers at otherwise good locations.

        My example -- the Keg. Their steaks are ok and and I find their roast beef consistently very good, but the burgers are much worse than either. Big dry patties in big dry buns. Good thing they serve beer.

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        1. re: obstructionist

          You are right. It isn't interesting to talk about bad food, but it is important to warn people about eating somewhere that may appear decent only to discover how horrible their food really is.

          As my example, I would like to nominate Hero Burger as the worst. Considering the way the present themselves as a gourmet burger joint (and how much they charge for that matter), the quality is just plain bad.

          1. re: badbhoy

            I'll agree with Hero and put it just above my pick for the worst (South St.)

            1. re: badbhoy

              Hero Burger was probably the biggest burger disappointment I've ever had due to their overhyping of the gourmet factor.

              At least if I go to Johnny's I know I'm getting a bargain burger. They aren't trying to be anything more.

              Hero was a big, tough, dry patty that scraped me going down and coming out. No amount of condiments can fix that.

              1. re: tricia_g_c

                you guys are amazing.

                south street and hero are at the top of my list. as far as worst, mcdonalds, burger king wendys etc.

                1. re: Franchise

                  How is it even possible to rate South Street on top of anything?

                  They use a 4oz. flat bland patty that costs $1 for a single slice of bacon and $1 for a single slice of cheese, effectively making your hamburger cost $7+ while consisting of a patty no bigger than a Wendys hamburger or a whopper

                  To each their own I guess, I think the place is terrible.. The fries are better than the hamburger for God's sake! :)

                  1. re: duckdown

                    I can't imagine Hero being at the top of any list. Unless it's for this list here.


            2. This will be a great list that will mirror the exact same places on the "best burger in Toronto list".

              I think nostalgia should be left out of posts when it comes to this. As it appears that that is all Johnny's is good for now.

              1. I'm stupid....I have read all the reviews on Hero Burger, but a new one opened up near my work, and I felt like a burger today but didn't want BK. So off I go to Hero.... Ordered a hero burger (4 oz) with their ULTIMATE!?!?!? french fries, and a drink for $8? holy crap...I think thats expensive for a 4oz burger. Bun was actually good, I liked it, burger was rubbery and quite heavily seasoned, but it was edible. But the worst, absolute worst, part of my meal was the french fries. HORRRIBLE! I threw them all out. Burgers and fries go together, and the fries, for me are an integral part of the meal. They were also heavily seasoned with salt, but they tasted water logged, and with no potato flavour WHATSOEVER! NONE! not to mention that they were completely flacid and not one little bit crispy. I was so sad. But I learned my lesson. :(

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                1. re: icey

                  I don't eat the burger-burgers but I have to say I've been quite pleased with Hero's veggie burger. Maybe not as good as Licks, but not bad. Based on what I've read here, the meat burgers just don't do it.

                  (the fries I've had there were good too but it sounds like the ones you had were badly prepared rather than bad per se, though I guess it amounts to the same thing)