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Apr 14, 2008 06:28 AM

Franklin, TN; Sol

If you have not been to Sol in Franklin, TN you are missing some of the best and most authentic Mexican (specificaly Oaxacan Mexican) food ever. I have now been there 4 times, have had 4 totally different dishes and were blown away by them all. The mole might be the best I've ever had. Now coming from a gringo working in the justice system in Nashville my recommendation may not carry a lot of weight, but my co-workers who are hispanic agree that with me totally. Has anyone else on this board been there?

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  1. I went for the first time on Tuesday. It was really great. The chef/owner is American, but has traveled extensively in Mexico and always learned a great deal from Latin coworkers. I was really impressed by the way he took a lot of the very talented Mexican cooks that were working in American restaurants and now they're cooking great authentic Mexican food. I respect that.

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      I just went this weekend and totally agree. One of our friends is from Texas and he said it was the best Mexican food he has had since he's lived in Tennessee (about 5 years.) I got the tamales...excellent. They both got the chicken enchiladas. Husband got fish tacos. We all shared some guac and queso too. I also loved the rice that came with the tamales entree; it was mixed with diced poblano peppers to give it a good kick.

      My only complaint is that we sat upstairs which I would not do again; not only were we right next to the band so had to scream to hear, but service seemed a bit slow up there. Can't say enough about the food and can't wait to make the 30 minute trek to Franklin to have it again!

    2. Authentic? While I'm sure the food is fantastic, I don't see anything on the lunch menu that looks like authentic mexican food. Looks like dressed up tex-mex. When I think authentic, I think torta ( and those are usually cheap.

      1. They make good margaritas, too. We've recently moved from Los Angeles, and "real" Mexican food is in pretty short supply ... this was the best guacamole we've had since coming here. I think the prices are a bit high, and I think some of the items have been toned down a bit, but it does seem to be pretty authentic high end Mexican. The mole was good. :-)