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Apr 14, 2008 06:05 AM

Dinner for two? 4 days to discover the culinary treats of Montreal

Bonjour! I'm heading to Montreal for 4 days to attend a seminar (staying at Gouverneur Dupuis corner of Saint Hubert and Saint Catherine). I'll have a car, but would also like to walk and see the city too!

I would like to be teased, tantalized and mesmorized by 4 scrumptious dinners.

I'm not concerned with cost but would want to walk away from the meal saying "%$#, that was worth it!"

We're pretty much open to any type of food. Just want to be wowed. I travel all the time and am looking for something special.

Here's my thoughts on what I'd like to experience, but I'm really open to trying something new too!

1) Romantic (drinking wine, cosy tables for two, tasting menus & ambience)

2) Thai/Vietnemese (more sit down than take out, please)

3) Old Montreal perhaps a Table d'hôte?

4) Unique to Montreal/French? Fondue, French etc?

Thanks for all your help! I've tried doing other searches, but I thought I'd find out from the people who love food and live here!

Looking forward to 4 nights of culinary bliss


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    1. There have been a lot of threads recently on this, so I've located a few for your perusal:

      This is a thread on Montreal vs. Quebec City. Skip the references to Quebec City, but the Montreal recommendations are all excellent, and you should easily cover "old Montreal", "Romantic" and "Unique to Montreal". (BTW: it is Au Pied de Cochon that is referred to in the first few posts of this thread)

      Here is a thread debating the merits of Bronte or Club Chasse et Peche, both great places, again covering subjects 1,3,4:

      Recent NY times article, can't go wrong with any of these suggestions

      Recent thread on Au Pied de Cochon, probably one of MOntreal's more famous restos:

      Schwartz's for smoked meat is pretty unique to MOntreal.

      A thread on Bring your own wine restaurants: MOntreal is a great city for this. Buy a really nice wine from the SAQ (or a bunch of nice wines) and bring them, no corkage. If you like wine, this is such a great thing, because you can splurge on a wine and not overpay.

      Anyhow, that's a start. I'm mot going to recommend Thai/Vietnamese places because my favs are really cheap, and may not be quite what you are looking for. Perhaps others could chime in.

      If you have further questions after reading these posts, feel free to post again! Happy to help you narrow down choices, and if you have specific desires, we can certainly weigh in with our opinions. Have a good trip!

      1. for good vietnamese food, try "Ong Ca Can" on ste-cathrine (it's about a block east of st-laurent). Their 7 beef meal is to die for! Come to think of it, your hotel is within 5 minutes walk from there!

        1. Thai food there is Chao Pharya on Laurier which i find really good, but better get a reservation since the place is most the time full, another one is Buddha in Ville St-Laurent, farther definitly need a car to get there, but great food nonetheless

          1. for romantic i would do lucca on dante. really good italian, very cozy and nice.