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Apr 14, 2008 04:53 AM

John Steven LTD

I was on the hunt for mussels yesterday, and having been to Berthas recently I decided to give John Steven a try even though the recs here have been generally not good! I sat in the bar, and the bartender gave me a menu pronto...I saw that the mussels were $13.99 which struck me as a bit pricey, I also ordered a Resurrection Ale which I thoroughly enjoyed. When the mussels arrived I realized they weren't pricey...the order was HUGE, as were the mussels. and they were perfectly cooked! You know how I love Berthas, but I have to say, John Steven blew them out of the water for mussels...and the Ale was wonderful...however I didn't know it was 7 percent alcohol until I got home and googled it...wondering why one beer left me with a buzz! So if you haven't tried John Steven in a while, you might want to return and give it a go...

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  1. The Resurrection Ale is made at Brewer's Art, where they also have decent food. You can also find it at Duda's in Fell's Point, which has an excellent burger and crab cake.

    1. Thanks, crosby_p. Their steamed items were always excellent, and it's great to know that that's still the case. I just got tired of their inconsistencies with the rest of the menu.

      Did you get the Prince Edward Island mussels? Just wondering they're still on the menu. They're one of my faves.

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        No, I asked what they were and he explained, but I'm a mussel purist! So they do still have them. People next to me had crabcakes and burgers that looked good as well. Enjoyed meeting the two of you at Pho #1!