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Wine bar for First date?

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I need a cool wine bar for a low key first date. Hopefully a place that doesn't kill my wallet. I love italian food and was thinking about 'ino. Also I love Chinti and she loves german riesling

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  1. Some recent threads to get you started ....


    1. Felice on 1st and 64th

      1. ino is great. jadis and bar veloce are also my favs.

        1. 'ino and 'inoteca are great. Gottino is also worth a try, and I've heard good things about Dell'anime (I tried to go last night but wait for 3 was over an hour).

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            ino is too small and cramped for a 1st date.

            gottino is a great option...long bar...more of a small plates restaurant than bar but buy a bottle and and enjoy.

            my other pick is turks and frogs.

          2. Aroma Kitchen & Wine Bar in NoHo (E. 4th Street b/t 8th & 9th St.)

            1. Heard Pudding Stones in the UES is good, but haven't tried it yet.

              1. Uva on the UES 2nd/77-78

                That place is full of first dates mashing face by 11PM

                1. I like Kashkaval: http://www.kashkavalfoods.com/