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Apr 13, 2008 09:34 PM

La Estrella...what else??

I have been reading up on the chowhounds board (for a couple months now) and I have never come across anything about La Estrella...I personally think the tacos are excellent. BUT since I am always looking for the next best thing in or around the pasadena area...what other taco spots are comparible or better than my personal fav...La Estrella.
BTW i have been to King Taco and was not impressed.

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  1. One of many threads that mentions La Estrella on this board; if you search, you'll find them.

    There are many La Estrella locations around these parts (some of them mobile), not all run by the same folks. I frequent the restaurant at Altadena & Foothill. I like the fish & shrimp tacos. I go elsewhere for other things.

    1. Hey lexus,

      If you're deadset about places "in or around the pasadena area," then it's pretty slim pickings. La Estrella is probably the best for authentic street tacos.

      If you're willing to drive an extra ~12 minutes from La Estrella in Pasadena, and don't mind a slightly more OG part of town, there's a Taco Truck called El Pique that serves, IMHO, *THE* best Al Pastor Tacos, bar none!

      Amazing stuff.

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        That's also near another La Estrella incidentally.

        Just to piggyback here . . . lexusalhambra, you're near one of the great epicenters of taco trucks in Los Angeles: Highland Park (which is where exilekiss is recommending you go). You honestly can't go wrong just cruising around that neighborhood and hitting taco trucks whenever you see one. But don't stop there! Try the corn carts for some elotes.

        I'd also like to shamelessly plug a colleague's website now if you'd like another avenue for information about that area.

        After you exhaust that bit of taco paradise, start heading over to Olympic, east of the 710.

        1. re: exilekiss

          El Pique for sure! In my elsewhere for other things comment, that's one of the trucks I was thinking of; the name just slipped my mind. There are several other vendors on that stretch of York too.

        2. which la estrella do you go to? i drive around and see several of them. it's a bit confusing. are they all of the same quality? which do you suggest for tacos?

          1. I love the La Estrella trucks on York at Ave 54 and on Figueroa north of York on the west side of the street. Both have excellent tacos. I've had the al pastor at El Pique, and I personnal prefer La Estrella. I haven't been, put I've heard raves about a taco truck in Pasadena on Fair Oaks, north of California on the east side of the street. They're only there after 6:00 PM or so.

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            1. re: hpcat

              Hi hpcat,

              Thanks for the 411 on the La Estrella Taco Truck in Highland Park. I saw that one last time, but thought it might've been the same owner as the Pasadena location. Glad to hear it's really tasty! :)

              As for the Fair Oaks Taco Trucks in Pasadena, save your time/money. The Highland Park Taco Trucks are far superior, IMHO.