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Apr 13, 2008 08:28 PM

Does Boston Have a Foodie Blogger Guide?

PDX chowhound visiting Boston April 23rd to 27th for first time and looking to take in the best of what the area has to offer morning, noon and night. I've been spoiled by a local Portland blogger who has a comprehensive website that includes reviews, guides by neighborhood, and consistent third-party advice. Does Boston have someone similar I can rely on for good recommendations? I've been plowing through the most recent Boston chowhound posts and the strings aren't giving me enough info for what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance...

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  1. Here are a few threads on the Food & Media board about Boston food blogs:

    ...but I don't think you'll find a comparable alternative to Chowhound there either. We don't have any one blogger who has any sort of comprehensive guide to the Boston food scene. And your best bet for "consistent third party advice" really is here. Why not give us some more info about what you're looking for and see what we can suggest?

    1. Our "own" Hiddenboston, a frequent poster to the Boston board, has a restaurant blog which may be helpful. His link is:

      There may be others, but this is one I'm familiar with.

      1. I think Hidden Boston has some great recommendations, and also has a blog:

        1. That sounds amazing - I wish Chicago had something like that! If we do, someone let me know! :)

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            I believe offers something similar to the Portland site, which I think is

          2. We're spending a week in Portland next month and would love to have the blog address.
            thanks in advance.