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Apr 13, 2008 08:05 PM

Dinner in Tarrytown

we have tickets for a concert at the tarrytown music hall on friday the 18th.i haven't decided if we should eat at home or try to get up there early enough to grab a bite in the area.i've been there many times but haven't found much in the past.depending on traffic we probably won't have time for a major meal.any places worth trying for good informal dinner?

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  1. There's a million places to go. People will tell you about Chiboust across the street -- go there for a pretentious, overpriced meal. Lefteris up on the corner is good for greek... but it is crowded like a sardine can. The mexican place virtually next door to the music hall is nothing special but quite pleasant for a quick meal. Jack and Dyl (which is actually down the hill) is quite pleasant. There is a decent Indian place a block north on Broadway. If you are in the mood for a burger, some good home made soups, a nice meatloaf plate or other diner-style foods, go to Bella Restaurant on Broadway, south of the hall. It is a dumpy diner, but they take pride in what they serve. Breakfast kills. And there is a new Protugese place, also across the street, call Solgar, I think (haven't been).

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      Another Portugese place is Caravela, on Broadway a little north of Main St.

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        I must agree with you wood, we went to Chiboust after it came highly recommended by a friend. The prices weren't that bad, but the service was very snooty. I felt very unfomfortable -- I thought maybe it was because I was wearing blue jeans, but I saw other patrons in there dressed casually. The I thought maybe it was because I decided to go for tap water, since thats what we normally order. Was it the wine? Did I not buy the most expensive wine? We felt like underlings and very unwelcome. Of course, I did something I never really do when the check came and decided to pay with my American Express Black just to see if thats what it would take to gain some respect (I know, tacky) when the waiter came back -- and acted like a completely different person. We were offered some kind of dessert thing on the house. I know I'm equally as guilty for it, but its a sad state when people in the service industry are so influenced by status.

        Of course for the first time in a long while, I left only a 15% gratuity and I dont think we'll ever be back.

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          We also went to Chiboust before the music hall and were very disappointed. The service was fine, but the food was awful. My small plate "kobe" burger was first off huge but not waygu - tasted like sirloin. We did have a good dinner at Lago di Como and I would recommend that. Next time at the music hall we plan to go to Caravela. My husband ate there a couple of years ago and loved it.

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            I'm happy to say that I've been lucky with my two experiences at Chiboust. On each occasion, we found the food was well prepared and well priced (we particularly liked the Moroccan lamb, the Moroccan shrimp app, and the chicken entree with Peruvian corn), and the service was lovely. On the second occasion we went, we had my in-laws with us which is always a bit of a risk... the server could not have been nicer to my MIL, even though she is the type to overshare. She jumped right in, though, and really helped the evening go by nicely, apart from my one criticism:

            My criticism is one that I have about the majority of restaurants I go to when we order wine by the glass: After our entrees arrived, we were abandoned for a looooooong time. My wine ran out after just a few minutes, and as the place got busy, it was utterly impossible to attract anyone's attention to get another glass. If my in-laws hadn't been with me, I'd have gotten up and gone to the bar, but I didn't want them to think I was desperate (even though I was - hey, I love my in-laws, but...)

      2. The new Portuguese place is Solmar---I've been a couple of times now, and it's quite good. As of last week it was still BYOB, as is the Indian place on Broadway.

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          sorry,i forgot to mention neither of us eat meat although my wife is ok with poultry.seafood is our main thing but we also do vegetarian,indian,oriental,sushi.

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            lago de como, horsefeathers, doyles sleepy hollow, tonys pizza, santorini sleepy hollow