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Apr 13, 2008 07:56 PM

New Kitchen: KitchenAid vs. Jennair

I'm in the process of purchasing a new home and have decided to select my own appliances rather than go with the builder package, which is Kenmore. I'm in the market for mid-level appliances and need the following (all in SS):
Double electric wall ovens, with at least one convection oven
30-36" inch gas cooktop
Microwave/hood combo
I am considering JennAir and KitchenAid (but am open to other similarly priced options) and wonder if anyone has any recommendations.
Also, does anyone own the Kenmore Pro 36" drop in cooktop with the bridge burners? This looked like an interesting product. The Kenmore Pro double electric wall ovens also looked nice, but had mixed reviews on the Sears website.

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  1. We just recently finished our new home on Amelia Island in Florida. It was a builders home that we bought about half complete so I was able to do the entire kitchen including cabinets and appliances.

    I chose the KitchenAid 36" 5 burner gas cooktop and have been very happy with it. No problems, works great. Since it sits on a island I went with the KitchAid 36" downdraft vent. It goes up and down at the push of a button and works very well, probably not as efficient as an overhead hood but it's fine.

    As far as double ovens, I went with the top of the line Fridgedare ovens. Both are convection and self cleaning. Again, zero problems. They look great and work great. Also went went with the top of the line Fridgedare dishwasher. Looks great and works super.

    As far as a fridge, we bought the Kenmore Elite side by side 27 cu. ft. Has a great icemaker

    All appliances except the fridge were purchased from USApplicance. They shipped for free and charged no sales tax plus were the least expensive I could find. The fridge was purchased from our local Sears guy who delivered and installed it.

    So, hope that helps out. Any questions, let me know.

    1. We outfitted our kitchen with KitchenAid appliances during a remodel in 2002. Everything has worked fine EXCEPT for the range/oven. It started giving error messages and shutting off when the oven temp was set too high(at first above 450 degrees) and has progressed to the point that it shuts off at a temp as low as 325 degrees now. This appears to be a design flaw (control circuit boards located right over the oven door where they overheat) and I have read similar stories from others who own this model with the exact same problem, but KitchenAid is of no help in resolving the issue. With parts and labor, it is going to be cheaper to replace the range with another brand than it would be to repair the current one. I would suggest doing an online search for complaints about any specific models you are looking at and what the response from the manufacturer was.

      1. You do know that JennAir and KitchenAid are both owned by Whirlpool, who also makes a lot of the Kenmore line?

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          I didn't know that Whirlpool owned Jennair, but did know that they produce the other two brands. I just know that each of the brands have different reliability and performance records, despite having the same parent company.

        2. My husband and I looked at the Jenn Air Pro Dual Fuel Range.
          I loved the look. Husband hated how the door closed. It snapped and he did not like that at all. He ruled it out because of the door close.

          I do have a friend, whose best friend is a chef and he bought the whole Jenn Air collection for his new kitchen remodel.

          Also, I found out about the Jenn Air connection when shopping for refrigerators. The same beautiful Viking, Dacor, Jenn Air and Kitchen Aid French Door refrigerator are all made by the same company and , it is exactly the same inside. It pays to go and look and talk to the appliance people. It saved me over $1200-1500.
          A person on this site advised that I go and look and now I am putting that money towards my Big Girl Range.

          1. Neither, Jennair has been a disaster for me - stove top, oven & currently a refrig.
            I don't believe ordering all from one company is a wise. Frankly I don't think any one company does all products well. But if I had to go with one it would be Kenmore, but upgrade to the top-of-the-line; the Kenmore dishwasher, top of the line, is the same as Bosch - love my new Bosch; I prefer Amana French Door Refrig. Daughter just did a fab kitchen with Kitchen Aid refrig, Wolff cook top, Viking ovens. I prefer european-style wall ovens where the door open like a "door" is so convenient....and go for one oven convection.
            Also I found some fantastic buys at the Sear's Outlet Stores - I was replacing everything in a 2 month period all broke or I wore them out! Good Luck.