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Apr 13, 2008 07:36 PM


Does anyone know if the food at the Stony Hill Inn is good for a wedding?

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  1. My son is going to a wedding there on Saturday. I will ask him for all the details and post on Sunday or Monday.

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      I'd be excited to see that! I've lived in Hackensack for many years and never tried it. Would love to hear what folks think of their work, including catering.

    2. All that I can say is that I was married there seven years ago, under old management and it was wonderful. Everyone said that it was the best wedding that they were at. I think that you need to go there for dinner a few times and try different things. I honestly do not know if the kitchens are different. You may want to ask them this and ask to try the food. The shrimp were excellent. All of our food was very good. Just do not know if it still the same as they have new owners but Sanzari usually does a good job. I was not that impressed when Dinallo was the only owner but I have heard that his other restaurant is excellent. So, I would think that the combination of Sanzari and Dinallo would be good. Good luck.

      1. My wife reminds me that you should see if Bill is still there. He certainly made our day special and was on top of everything.

        1. Went there due to reputation and recommendation, but the wine was the best art of the meal. Yes, it is a nice place for a special occasion - attractive dining room, attentive service, good cutlery etc. BUT I found the food to be so STALE. Ordered Chateaubriand which arrived overcooked, the vegetables that came with it were bland and overdone, the mashed potatoes were definitely not fresh, and the bernaise sauce was thick and heavy. I think the place must have had better days and the food has not grown with the times. The food should have been much better for the prices charged.