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Apr 13, 2008 07:00 PM

Repair ofJ A Henckels Pro-S Handle?

I've got a very large array of J A Henckels Pro-S knives and one handle has broken. I think that our house-sitter might have dropped it, but at least I have the pieces. I can just "super-glue" the broken pieces, but would prefer to have the handle replaced completely.

My Google searches did not yield any place for "repair," only sales. Luckily, it's not my 12" Chef's Knife.

Does anybody have any recommendations for repair of J A Henckels knives?


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  1. I had the metal blade of a paring knife crack just to the rear of the tang, and I sent it back to JAH, and they replaced it for free. I'd check the warranty on their site - their U.S. operations are in NY.

    I can't see superglue working all that well.

    Did you ever put it in the dishwasher? That's a bane of handles on good knives..

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    1. re: grant.cook

      I looked around their US site, but must have missed the warranty area. I was looking for repair, so I may have clicked right over it.

      WE never put them into the dishwasher, but then there is the housesitter. My instruction sheet forbids doing anything except hand cleaning (same for the wine glasses), but we also forbid her from feeding the dogs from the table, and they always seem to fancy begging, when we get back. Who knows?

      Thanks for the Web site tip. I'm heading back there now.


    2. I occasionally resurrect flea market and other old knives and that includes replacing handles. It's not difficult if you've got the tools and know what you're doing. Which you probably don't but that's ok because there are plenty of people who do. If you can't get it repaired by Henckels, there's probably some woodworking shop around that will do it for you. Or check around a local craft fair. Every craft fair in the world has two or three knife guys, any of whom could fix it up for you. And if you go that way you can put a piece of interesting wood on instead of the boring black stuff it came with.

      If you're going to glue it, use a 2-part epoxy. That's what was holding it on in the first place. Those rivets are mostly just for show.

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      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

        Thanks for the tip. I have an epoxy project tomorrow on a drawer-front, and will give a drop to the pieces. There is a good knife sharpener, just up the road from me, and I'll head by there to get some advice. The epoxy treatment should hold it, but I'd really like to have it replaced someday. Luckily, it's a smaller paring knife, so a replacement would not break the bank. I just hate to buy something good, and have to replace it. Housesitter will get a big red "Good knived do NOT go into dishwasher" for our next two trips, just in case.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Don't try to fix it yourself. You can just send it back to Henckels for a free replacement. The handle came off my Pro S paring knife last year -- I sent it to them along with a note and received a brand new replacement in about 3 weeks.

          1. re: chickster


            I appreciate that feedback. Especially as I have an additional copy of this particular knife, I do not mind it being off in transit for a bit.