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Apr 13, 2008 06:52 PM

Looking for Excellent DC Restaurant

I'm having dinner with a friend who with an excellent wine cellar. We would like to find a restaurant whose food can stand up to his supurb wine...other than the expected suggestions. Any recommendations?

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  1. Are you planning to bring his wine? No other guidance, e.g. price, location, cuisine ?

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    1. re: Dakota Guy

      Yes and what are the "expected suggestions"?

    2. Robert Weidmeyer' s food at Marcels "stands up" to superb wine. If you know the wine you are drinking in advance call ahead and they may suggest food pairings or even create off the menu items for you.

      1. Can you describe your plan a bit? Will it be just you two and a bottle of wine? Or will it be several people with several bottles, spread out over several courses? And what kind of wine are you talking about?

        1. My first recommendation would be Palena (the back room, not the cafe) if you want food that will stand up to even the best bottle of wine. They charge about $20 for corkage if I remember correctly.

          Other places that are excellent, and permit corkage, include Marcel's (Belgian/French), Tosca (northern Italian), Kinkead's (seafood) and Taberna del Alebardero (Spanish).

          If you can get a reservation at Komi, that would also be a good choice.