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Jul 12, 2002 05:24 PM

Pie recs in OC & Julian Pie Co.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for great pie in OC? Any thoughts on the pie at Bake 'n Broil, which is in Long Beach, and recommended by OC Weekly? And, lastly, has anyone had the apple pie from the Julian Pie Co.? I was going to drive down to Boney's in Oceanside to pick one up, but wanted to get some comments first. Thanks.

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  1. I don't eat pie often but when I go to Julian I always have a piece of pie from The Julian Apple Pie Company.

    I think they have a very good pie and if you like ice cream with your pie, try their cinnamon ice cream!

    1. OC Weekly also recommends the sweet potatoe pie at Burrell's (sp?) in Santa Ana ... I haven't tried it. One of these days I'll stop in after a torta from El Gallo Giro (just down the street on Bristol). Unfortunately, that location of El Gallo Giro doesn't have tinga ... What's up with that?