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Apr 13, 2008 06:30 PM

Home made seltzer/ soda water

I am hoping to make fizzy water at home - but I am not sure which soda maker to buy. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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  1. We use the standard model here and have for about a year. We love it.

    You can read many more opinions on this thread:

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    1. We have sodaclub too. Love it.

      There were several sodaclub/selzter making threads about a year ago, in addition to the one ccbweb listed, I think. I found the discussion helpful when we were deciding what to buy.

      1. Soda Club is the best system I've found for home use. Search the boards for lots of fairly recent info. Other systems (such as iSi) provide very little carbonation.

        1. I heard about sodaclub in a magazine that promoted how cool it would be to carbonate milk and soup. I log onto the website and it says you can't carbonate anything but water, heck you can't even add the powder in before hand because it will explode. Is it true? Am i limited to only carbonating water? If it is true, where can I buy something that will let me indulge my weird foodie creations of carbonated randomness?

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            The thing won't explode. The problem is that Soda Club's carbonating system agitates the liquid quite violently as it injects the gas. Anything with a tendency to foam or froth makes a terrible mess. You can experiment without damaging the unit, but you have been warned.

            I don't think any retail setup will let you "indulge my weird foodie creations of carbonated randomness" without limits. You'd need to get a professional system (big bucks) or build your own. The alternative retail systems don't even carbonate water very well. Soda club lets you inject as much gas as you want, up to the water's physical limits at a given temperature. iSi just produces "a lightly bubbly water".

          2. The original comment has been removed