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Apr 13, 2008 06:25 PM

Caul in Dallas

Does anyone know where to get caul in the Dallas area? I had asked awhile back at some supermarkets and from a local chef, with no luck, and tonight a rerun of an Iron Chef episode has rekindled my curiosity. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Have you tried I would be surprised if they don't have it in stock. It's been a while but I have purchased Caul Fat from them in the past for smoking pork tenderloin. Since then I switched to bacon, since my two smoker friends like to put chicken beneath it anyhow.

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      I tried all over DFW in and out of butcher shops, asian markets, and even michoacanas and this is the only place I found it. I drove 50 miles to get it and bought it from them today, though he said to ask for lace fat instead because it doesn't have the large nodule of fat attached to it. Also if you're smoking meats they also have TCM pink salt.

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          It is in Plano off of 75 on W. Parker Rd. Go east off of the freeway and it's between Alma Dr. and Pinion Dr. on the north side of the road.
          Here is the Google Maps link:

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            Oh, you're talking about Hirsch's. I thought you had just forgotten to put the name of another place in! I went there and what they gave me turned out to be suet. Maybe I need to be very specific with the lace description, although I thought I was the first time. Thanks for the help.