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Apr 13, 2008 06:13 PM

Staying at Broadway and Kearny; affordable, unique places to eat?

My boyfriend and I, cook and writing student respectively, are staying at the green tortoise hostel on Broadway at Kearney, and are looking for suggestions for really neat places to eat. We are open to trying something new, I love french bistro and low maintenance food, any must see's in the area? Also, i'm sure there are lots of options in such a city, but any really fine places to catch quality live music while we eat? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if staying at the hostel indicates the general budget you're eating out of, but even if it does you might consider heading a couple of blocks east to Coi. The lounge menu is not insane (actually, it's almost cheap) and is very very good. Step outside to Broadway, turn left, it'll be two blocks down on the right just past the last strip club. [At the other end of the same scale, Coi has a prix fixe menu that, with wine, can easily set you back $200 per person.] here's a recent review:

    A good place to pretend you're in France while you're here is Belden Place, a little one-block alley between Bush and Pine. A bunch of restaurants all with outdoor seating. The mussels at Plouf have been a personal favorite for years. Head down Kearney street about eight blocks, turn left on Pine and then make an immediate right on Belden.

    I can't think of anyplace that has both decent food and music simultaneously. ???

    373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

    40 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA 94104

    1. Cafe Prague is close to that intersection, that spot is pretty interesting...

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        Ok, first separate food and music. My own experience in SF is similar to view restaurants ...

        Good view - lousy food
        Good music - lousy food

        Chuckles, love your posts and suggestions ... but seriously ... COI?

        I live here and it is not on the top of my list to try ... and for someone on budget? Why, oh why? Green Tortoise ... Green Tortoise

        If I was going to throw money at a restaurant I'd pick the nearby "The House" or Jai Lan.

        To the OP .. take a look at North Beach or Chinatown places with the associated links ...


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            >> but seriously ... COI?

            Good question. Yeah, I think so. Something about the request seems to be saying "gimme the best you've got, " where best is including things beyond just the food, and at the same time pointing out that they're tourists on a budget. Coi has three things going for it all at the same time: it's really good, it's our current Restaurant of the Moment at least from an outsider's perspective, and it's actually possible for regular people to eat there if they eat off the lounge menu.

            The Yoshi's suggestion below is a good one! I haven't been to the SF location yet but the chow in Oakland is surprisingly good.

        1. The best combination of food and music may be Yoshi's in the newly anointed Jazz District on Fillmore.

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            The food at Yoshi's is good, but not for anyone on a budget. Also, the service is a complete mess. I would skip the restaurant and just eat in the club(which has a good lounge menu).

          2. Tommaso's pizza is a few short steps away. It is a classic, and some might say historic, San Francisco eatery. It's reputed to be the home of the first wood fired brick pizza oven in California. Open over 70 years. The pizza is excellent. The various veg apps are very nice too (I am a fan of the green beans and the zucchini). Do not fail to sop up the extra vinaigrette or oil/lemon with the bread. Not a budget breaker by any stretch of the imagination.