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Apr 13, 2008 05:57 PM

[Stratford Upon Avon] Wherefore art my lunch?

We'll be spending a few days near SUA; does anyone have any suggestions about interesting places to eat?
We will probably only spend one day in the town itself so I'm very keen to hear about places in the countryside; we have a car and we're not afraid to use it!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. We were up that way last year and had a very good time exploring the area. I'm not sure it's the best choice, but we had a very good lunch at an award-winning cafe in a National Trust place called Compton Verney. It's a beautiful location and if you like museums, old homes etc. it's well worth the visit - plus the lunch was fine. There was also a restaurant at Upton House, but that wasn't as professional or interesting. The National Trust has a good website if you want to read more, and I'm sure others will know some good pubs in the area.

    1. An earlier Warwickshire thread:-

      The county is "blessed" with having a number of motorways running through it. An excellent guide to food just a few minutes away from junctions is It may be useful to check places out in areas that you might be visiting. Some can be absolute finds....others can be just average pub grub.