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Apr 13, 2008 05:21 PM

Can my dad dress like a tourist in "good" DF restaurants?

I am meeting my parents (in their mid-50s) in DF in a few weeks. I am 100% sure that my dad will wear bright white running shoes with white sports socks (pulled up!) every day. Is this going to limit the restaurants that we will be able to eat at? We wouldn't be eating at anywhere Michelin-starred or anything, but it wouldn't be unusual to be eating at restaurants where we'd be paying $25 (US, not pesos!) per person. I've been looking around when I've been eating out since I arrived and haven't really noticed too many men (tourists, obviously) sporting this look, so I'm a bit worried.

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  1. Collared shirt and slacks after dark. Remember you will be at 7000+ ft. altitude, so it is not a sweat box, and DF is distinctly more urban and formal than coastal venues.

    1. Ay ay ay...definitely what Veggo said. Mexico City is not a resort. Your dad will be uncomfortable (and even if he's not, YOU will be) if he dresses as you suggest that he will. Mexico City tends toward the elegant in upscale restaurants. The DF is as urban as it gets and can be very conservative both in attire and attitude in certain age groups and restaurants.

      You won't be refused service at a restaurant unless the place has a jacket-and-tie rule, but your entire party will certainly garner looks that you definitely don't want.


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        Especially the colonias del Valle, Polanco, Las Lomas, or anywhere around Chapultepec. These areas are very hip; white socks won't fly at any age. No volan de qualquier edad.

        1. re: Veggo

          I don't know... a custom tailored, Jamaican (Brit Caribbean) style Short Pant Suite... in say Cobalt Blue.... with matching Suede huaraches, shades & aligator belt... and the pulled up white socks might get him into some Clubs or secret dining rooms that few could crack! =)

          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Beautiful imagery, EN, just needs the woven Panama "lid" , maybe with a contrasting yellow band - I think we have enough cobalt in play tonight. Perhaps a puro in the corner of the jaw- still in the cellophane, and the Mr. "T" starter kit of gold chains. And a well-rehearsed salutation "como stas, air-mano". (Jetgirly, we're just having fun)

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              Are you a fan of Huicho Dominguez?

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                Ahora, por seguro. That's quite a u-tube show!

                1. re: Veggo

                  Guicho Domínguez! Salud, Dinero, y Amor!

                  What a riot that telenovela was.

                  And jetgirly, I might just have to show up in the DF to have a look at your dad.


                  1. re: cristina

                    One of the lovely things about Mexico City is that people dress nicely there - no sandals, no white socks, no tank tops, etc. It is so refreshing to see people who take pride in their appearances and of course, as has been mentioned, it is not a hot city so there is no need to wear horrible shorts and stuff. Your father will look nice in a nice shirt, dark pants and loafers.

      2. I was somewhat concerned, a couple of weeks ago, when we went to El Cardenal, on Calle Las Palmas, Centro. It had been recommended to us by a retired Banamex exec.

        We were dressed casually, but not sloppily. I needn't have worried: there were other customers in the waiting area, dressed more casually than us, including at least one fellow in a logo bearing shirt and a couple with a bably, happily slurping jugo de manzana from a bottle.

        Now, it may be that breakfast dress standards are not as rigorous as those for comida or cena.
        (Btw, we had a very enjoble meal.)

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          I don't know that I would consider El Cardenal an upscale place, though?

          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            I guess that because we rarely if ever go to upscale places, it seemed so to me.
            "Upscale" is in the eyes of the diner.

            1. re: Anonimo

              The twice i"ve been, there were a lot of business people in suits. I wouldn't want to go in a "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt and flip flops.

              That being said, there are a lot of well turned out people in DF and lots of tourists from all over the country, and all over the world, dressed from A to Z. I wouldn't obsess about dress. A man would feel more comfortable in long trousers.

        2. And also don't forget that the rainy season has started in earnest now, and will be in full swing in a few weeks.. So if you are going out at night, your father will be cold in anything but long pants and warmish jacket.