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ISO Best Omurice

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I've been randomly craving omurice (well not so random cos I've been watching doramas) ...
but I can't seem to find a good one around here :(
I tried Mitsuwa on Centinela, even the spaghetti omelette at Spoon House, but nothing is satisfying my craving ...

if possible I want an omurice that has a half-cooked omelette, so that when you cut it the eggs will be runny :)
with chicken fried rice inside, and drizzled with demi glace sauce outside .....

If anyone has a lead for me, pls pls let me know! Thanks!


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  1. On the west side, try Blue Marlin on Olympic and Sawtelle. They have several types that run fairly expensive ($10-$14), but they are quite good. The quality of the sauce and all the ingredients is good. Generous amounts of everything, sauce, eggs, and whatever protein you choose. Very tasty and filling dish, a definite candidate for a take out box and a great breakfast the next day :)