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ISO Smoked Fish....

Sable, Herring, Chubs, Salmon, Trout, etc....
anyone seen any Really Good Stuff???

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  1. The Whole Foods River store has a lot of smoked fish now. They look good, but are out of my price range. Herrings, yum.

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      They actually smoke them right in the store, probably would do special orders too.

      1. There are some gorgeous examples of same at the Bazaar on Cambridge Street.

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          And in that regard, go into any of the Russian markets - e.g., either Bazaar or Berezka - and you'll find a large assortment of smoked fish. If you know Russian, find help that speaks English or enlist a fellow shopper, you can do very well. The prices are quite reasonable. They also have truly massive selections of salamis and sausages.

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            My experience at Bazaar is that you have about a 50/50 shot of finding someone who speaks English at the Cambridge Street Bazaar. (Never been in the Beacon Street location.) Those are pretty good odds.

            Yes, the salamis and sausages are great too. Huge selection of different honeys as well, including Allstonian's beloved (but surprisingly hard to find) linden honey.

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              thanks bunches. will be hitting up Bazaar and/or Berezka this weekend.


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                Mine is the reverse; most of the women at the Beacon location speak good English while those at the other speak a tiny little bit.

          2. If you're close to the Waban area of Newton, can highly recommend the smoked fish from Barry's. Wonderful sable, whitefish/chubs, many different lox cuts...

            1. I will echo other recs on Bazaar. I really like their chili salmon. It has nothing to do with peppers but instead refers to cold smoked vs. hot smoked. I buy a whole piece (sometimes a whole fish and slice it to order myself. It used to be ~$7.50 a pound and a bargain.

              1. Kendall Brook Salmon and smoked trout from Duck Trap are good. They also have smoked mussels, shrimp, scallops and various pates. http://www.ducktrap.com/ I think Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Hannaford supermarkets carry Duck Trap products. Sometimes Costco has their stuff, too. You can also order online from MacKenzie (there's a link to it from the Duck Trap website), but expect to pay a lot for shipping.

                1. I don't know if this falls outside of your scope, but I have been smitten by the smoked whitefish (from the Agean) salad at the Walnut Market at 20 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands, MA 02461. I find my self driving there every weekend like a junky for a small tub of this stuff.

                  Also this weekend, I noticed a variety of smoked fish in the Armenian markets on Mt. Auburn St.

                  1. I would highly recommend the hand crafted smoked fish produced by Nantucket Wild Gourmet. We met Peter last summer at his Chatham store, and were blown away by his warm spirit and committment to the highest quality smoked fish. They are starting to distribute to a few local specialty shops (including Formaggio):


                    If you are in Chatham, stop by his store on Rt. 28.....amazing selection of goods and Peter is a dear.