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Apr 13, 2008 03:54 PM

hooked in sterling?

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-...

    Here's a link to a review in the Post Sunday magazine. Downtown quality fish, seafood and sushi in the 'burbs. Definitely worth a visit.

    1. My husband and I ate in the restaurant last fall and enjoyed it. Based on the Post review, we tried the take out and were extremely disappointed. Warning: This is an extremely small restaurant that is dominated by a large sushi counter. We made reservations for a recent Saturday night and were offered seats at the counter rather than a table. We were told we'd have to wait over an hour for a table. Since we were not going to order sushi, had a child with us, and feel their prices are too high for sitting at a counter, we wanted a table. Because they could not accommodate us, we left. The food is decent, but not worth the hassle. We do not recommend take out. The atmosphere is also lacking, very bare bones.

      1. Well I went. We had the crab soup, muscles and ginger rubbed rockfish.

        Crab soup was great, gotta love the goldfish as the "cracker" for it as well. Really good flavor and a good amount of crab though there were a bunch of shells as well.

        The rockfish was good. Not great but pretty good.

        The muscles.. were NOT good. The scampi sauce had almost no flavor, and the muscles were full of sand or something. One of the muscles was slammed shut, so probably dead.

        Oh and the truffle chocolate cake was good, really rich.