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Apr 13, 2008 03:40 PM

Good shelf-stable salsas ... Pace tequila-lime?

I pretty much make my own or buy local fresh salsas.

Still, it would be nice to stick a few jars in the kitchen cabinets.

Pace seems to have a new upscale line that include Tequila-lime. They also have an organic line ... but they look like ... well, pace.

How about Newman's?

I asked in a different post about Fronterra, but got a sort of 'meh' response.

Anything good out there?

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  1. So funny you asked...I was just looking at this article about the Pace stuff...I recently purchased the Pico de Gallo and I must agree with this review of has too much of a bite to it and seems a bit bitter...but the others got better reviews...I've also tried Green Mountain Gringo salsa which is quite good but pretty expensive, that's why I tried the Pace...Enrico's is supposed to be good also (both GMG and Enrico's are low in sodium, too):

    1. i'm actually a fan of Pace...although it doesn't compare to home-made. And not a purist salsa, but i'm a big fan of DL Jardine's Cowpoke Artichoke. I have a jar of their tomatillo out in the cupboard that i haven't gotten into yet.

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        Where are you located? (I ask because Whole Foods in the SW has shelves dedicated to local foods that include local salsas processed and jarred. Better than Pace....which I loved when I lived in the East)

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          i'm in Canada, i pick up the DL's when i go to the states.

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          I recently ordered Jardine products online. We love their Texas Champagne Hot pepper sauce and Ole Chipotle Salsa. We think their hot pepper sauce is the best there is. So smooth and flavorful. Haven't tried any of the others.

        3. Pace is ok in general, but their new tequila-lime flavor, imo, is disgusting. Buy a regular jar and splash in your own flavorings.

          Kroger's house brand "Private Selection" Chipotle salsa is divine! And cheap, too ;-)

          1. I really like Target's Archer Farms salsa -- that's their high-end store brand, which actually has great quality products across the board (chips, frozen pizzas, sauces, snacks, even drinks). I like their medium-hot tropical fruit salsa and the hot chipotle, but I have yet to have a bad one.

            Newman's peach salsa is pretty awesome, too. I recently tried the new upscale Pace pico de gallo (okay) and three-pepper (not so great), and wouldn't get them again.

            If you have access to it, Herdez makes an amazing jarred salsa, and their medium is as hot as most mainstream brands' "hot" flavor. It's usually in the Mexican food section, but not necessarily with other salsas.

            1. I am no salsa purest either but don't find Pace all too exciting. I can't tell the difference in a jar of organic, and also found the pico de gallo repulsive. I agree that Newman's is good. Two other brands I really enjoy are Santa Barbra and Green Mountain Gringo. They both seem to deliver a freshness even superior to Newman's in my opinion.