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Apr 13, 2008 01:56 PM

Marvin Last Night

Went to Marvin for the first time last night. Had a 7:30 pm reservation and was seated promptly. The vibe is hip and cozy, but noise is an issue. Service was okay but not great. I had heard that they had 30 bottled belgian beers but our server said there was no beer list and did not have knowledge of more than a few. Later, when we ordered some beer, they brought us the wrong ones. As for the food, some things were good and some things were very salty. Bread was a bit stale. The cheese croquettes were good. The chicken and waffles was plentiful and very tasty. My wife had a salad that was very salty and then ordered fish for a main course, which was also salty. The muscles and frittes were quite good. We had some nice profiteroles for dessert. I think if you order items that are naturally salty they do them well, but they oversalt other types of food. The lounge and roof patio upstairs are very nice and get very crowded. There was a line for them when we left. Overall, a fun, if not great, experience.

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  1. I went last week, and had a very similar experience. While the food was "good", not great, the service really almost ruined the meal for us. After being asked 5 times in the first ten minutes if we were ready to order, and then not having the server stop by practically at all the whole meal until he attempted to steal my half-finished plate of food from me, I more than clearly got the impression that they were rushing us, and wanted us out. Ugh.