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Apr 13, 2008 01:50 PM

Best Sushi Open on Sunday in Berkeley/N Oakland?

A friend from out of town is visiting and really wants to go to sushi tonight. The problem is that all the top rated places (Uzen, Sushi Sho, O Chame, etc) are closed on Sunday. Any recommendations? How's Mitama? I'd prefer something not super expensive but it doesn't have to be dirt cheap either. And I'd love a place with some sense of atmosphere as I haven't seen her in years and would like to have a leisurely dinner. Thanks!

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  1. I like Man Puku at College and Ashby (Elmwood), and they are open today...although the atmosphere might leave a bit to be could eat and then retire across the street to Roma Cafe and grab a table outside for great people watching and Berkeley vibes...

    1. I like Mitama, and it's pretty quiet there, so you would have a chance to catch up. I also think that Tachibana is open on Sundays (also on College in Oakland), and I like the sushi there as well.

      1. As a followup question, are there any good ones open for *lunch* on Sunday in Berkeley/Oakland? Most Japanese restaurants seem to be closed for lunch on weekends.