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Apr 13, 2008 01:25 PM

Roadtripping to Jazzfest

Just thinking-Anyone driving to Jazzfest on a roadtrip?What foods will you chow on on the way to the best eating town in America?I'm coming down from Nantucket,MA.Here's my food itinerary:Day 1-pizza in CT @ Carminuccio's(Newtown),Day 2-BBQ in Knoxville (Buddy's),BBQ in Lexington,TN (Hay's Smokehouse),Ribs from the Germantown Commissary in Germantown,TN.Cornish Hens with friends from The Cozy Corner in Memphis.Day 3-BBQ from McLard's in Hot Springs AR,BBQ from Jackson's in Thrall,TX.Day 4-breakfast tacos in Austin,CFS for lunch at Tony's Southern in Austin,late lunch brisket at Louie Mueller's in Taylor,nosh on sausage on the way back to Austin at the Southside Market in Elgin.Late dinner with friens at Ranch 616.Day 5-Hangover breakfast tacos in Austin.Maybe lunch at Hoover's for a CFS.Late dinner at the County Line BBQ after the Leon Russell show.Day 6-Breakfast tacos.Lunch in Lockhart at Kreuz' Market and Smitty's.A burp and a later lunch at the Luling City Market.Back towards Austin for a trip to Spicewood or the Salt Lick for more 'Q.Day 7-Breakfast tacos followed by early lunches in Llano at Cooper's and K-Laird's for BBQ.Leisurely trip past Enchanted Rock and onto the Willow City Loop for some wild flower excitement.Lunch in Fredericksburg somewhere.Dinner in Austin,probably.Day 8-Early CFS at Mel's Country Cafe (maybe one of their killer burgers to go) in Tomball,TX.East to Silsbee for some brisket at West Texas BBQ.Then checking out the 'Q 5 miles down the road at Chuck's in Evadale.Finally into Cajun country for 5 lbs.of crawfish in Basile at D.I.s Restaurant.Then it's on to Hack's (only 25 minutes away in lovely Robert's Cove for 5 more lbs.It's a yearly stop at my fave crawfish patio in SW Louisiana.Spend the night in Lafayette before hitting New orleans on Thursday after the amazing grilled oysters at Drago's in Metaire for lunch.All this and I just got to NOLA for dinners at,amongst others:Gautreau's,Brigsten's,Clancy's,Stella,Bayona,Liuzza's by the Track,Crabby Jack's,Jacques Imo's and Daisy Bistro.There's still the ride back home.BBQ at Leatha's in Hattiesburg,Archibald's in Northport,AL and Ridgewood BBQ in Bluff City,TN.Man am I psyched.What do you think 'hounds?If the bears don't get me the hardened arteries will.Did I mention the s.s. crab po boy,the gumbo,etc. at the Fest?

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  1. Wow rockbound - that's a trip! Love Nantucket - haven't made it there in 17 months and counting, hoping for a trip in October. Nothing but lobster for me when I'm there. Lobster and more lobster. Yes to lunch at Luling City Market in A. Yum.

    1. I sure wouldn't bother with the Salt Lick---it pales in comparison to Kreuz Market or Luling City Market or Smitty's. The whole Salt Lick scene was more about UT frat boys carrying in ice chests of beer to while away the long wait rather than on the quality of the food.

      RE: Leatha's--I've heard some downhill reports since the days of the "real" Leatha's in Columbia.

      1. I enjoyed the 'Q at Salt Lick.The setting was nice and as for the frat boys-not a beer bong in sight.I've also been to Leatha's 4 or 5 times since they moved from Foxworth(where her grandson operates 'Q Korner and also serves very fine ribs and sandwiches) and if there is better in the area,I would like to know where.I guess there's no accounting for taste.As for comparing the quality of product to Kreuz'.Smitty's or Luling City Market-well really,how many places do?

        1. Not sure if these are convienent for your drive but they're damn good...

          Gilhooley's Restaurant & Oyster Bar - 222 Ninth Street, San Leon, TX
          South of Houston, similar to Drago's but way cooler location.

          Lasyones Meat Pie Kitchen - 622 2nd St, Natchitoches, LA 71457
          Meat pies and rice dressing. Da bomb.

          Don's Specialty Meats - 104 Highway 726, Carencro, LA 70520
          Boudin. (for more boudin recs check out


          Don's also serves a great pork chop sandwich at its Scott location

          I'd ditch Clancy's and go for Cochon. And maybe get a po-boy at Domilise's.

          Lasyone's Meat Pie Restaurant
          622 2nd St, Natchitoches, LA 71457

          Gilhooley's Restaurant
          222 9th St, Dickinson, TX 77539

          Don's Specialty Meats & Grocery
          104 Highway 1252, Carencro, LA

          Don's Specialty Meats
          10 S Frontage Rd I, Scott, LA

          1. southerewayfarer-Thanks for the input.I'm a big fan of Clancy's.Sitting at the bar and having Garth make me a Sazerac while I wait for my smoked soft shell crab has become a yearly ritual.Domilise's also has become a regular luch stop ove rthe past tweny years.Completely enjoyed my lunch at Cochon last year and will probably try to go again this year.Thanks