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Apr 13, 2008 12:51 PM

Frozen Margaritas in Williamsburg

Anybody want to share their favorite frozen margarita place in Williamsburg or Greenpoint? I used to like the margs at Veracruz, but since they shut down I am not sure where to go that has a nice atmosphere and good margs. There is always San Loco for frozens, but that feels like a cheap fix...

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  1. I know that Veracruz re-opened. Do they not have the drinks anymore?

      1. re: EJC

        Do you know if you can still get them to-go at the T-Nest?

        1. re: davisready

          i didn't know that the nest did margs to go. i am going to investigate.

          1. re: davisready

            i've seen a lot of people wandering around the park on weekends with big, white styrofoam cups, so i'm assuming that you can still do the carry out thing.

        2. All a bar needs is Sauza Conmemorativo Tequilla, Contreau, and lime juice. Very easy to make at home. Even though the Conmemorativo is a "mixto" not 100% blue agave. IMHO it is the best for Margaritas, frozen or straight up.

          1. i know juliette's rooftop bar has frozen drinks... but i believe they're more of a daquiri variety.

            1. Daddy's and Enid's (neither grea,t but both frozen). Marlow and Son's makes a good unfrozen one. That was the only good thing about Veracruz....

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              1. re: eatyououtofhouseandhome

                The best part about Daddy's is that you can get a "Margaveza" which is a Sol topped off with frozen margarita. It's the perfect summertime drink.