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Apr 13, 2008 12:23 PM

Marco Pierre White reality show.

Looks like one of AB's favorite chefs is coming state side to host a reality cooking show. It sounds like an interesting concept. Apparantly he hosts the UK version of Hells Kitchen. I sure wish that the BBC would air those.

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  1. man. people on these boards think gordon ramsay is a jerk. wait'll they get a load of mpw. i of course will be watching delightedly. :)

    just briefly discussed auditioning for the show with dh, but he's afraid he'd knock out mpw's front teeth.

    1. I've sampled all of the UK Gordon Ramsay shows including the independent documentaries about him. I enjoy them all except the UK Hell's Kitchen series. With Gordon Ramsay, in season one, the contestant chefs were all famous celebrities and politicians. The vibe is entirely different from the US HK -- and average Americans like myself don't know these people at all.

      MPW took over season 2? 3? The contestants this time were non-celebrities? The show is a total ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. MPW's managing style on the show is Zen minimalist quiet power, and much of the show is dedicated to the contestants jabbering on therapy session like about their ongoing experiences. The drama and interest wasn't sufficient enough for me to watch one complete episode. I like Top Chef, UK KN, F-Word, but I have a hard hard time connecting to the UK HK, especially under MPW, without much much work.

      Perhaps MPW has a dynamic personality that the US producers can highlight. AFAIK no producer has done it for him yet in the UK.

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      1. re: Minger

        Celebrities is a broad use of the term. MPW did a good job on the one season hes has done. He even went after the host.

      2. Interesting premise! Will be very interested to see how MPW deals with the cheftestant couples. And please, please PLEASE cast couples who somewhat know what they're doing in this show vs. what the most recent HK series has cast? Please?

        1. About as original as McDonald's. This sounds exactly like The Restaurant or on BBC America, Last Restaurant Standing. The MC/Chef there is Raymond Blanc, so I suppose a comparison with him may be more apt than with GR. Blanc is very quiet and nurturing - not at all like the mad Drill Instructor GR is on US HK. Nevertheless, he cuts them down like weeds when it's time.

          Buford's comments about Marco Pierre White in Heat are interesting. He talks about how Mario spent 4 months working for him early in his career. I like this passage - Mario is telling Buford what happened.
          "He was Intimidating," Batali recalls. He stuck it out for four months - "I was frightened for my life, this guy was a mean motherfucker" - then dumped two handfuls of salt into a buerre blanc and walked out.

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          1. re: applehome

            I have had the pleasure of hear the story directly from each of the persons involved. Needless to say they vary differently.

          2. I just saw Mario's Chefography today; isn't this the guy who threw a hot pan of risotto at Mario many years back (not to say that it may have been justified - who knows?)! But he sounds kinda like a wildfire!

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              1. re: Minger

                What a great clip! Thanks Minger.

              2. re: Suzieg

                The great clogged one talks about getting a pan of risotto in the chest from MPW on Chefography. MPW is often described as a volitile personality. A rather interesting descriptive for a chef.