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Apr 13, 2008 12:20 PM

La Terza: WORST Italian Food in L.A.

Very possibly the WORST Italian food in Los Angeles - though if it were 1/10th the price, it wouldn't be so egregious a case of insult to injury.

What's wrong with the place?
Well, it's uncomfortable, for starters. High chairs at small tables.
Then there's the appetizers. $16 bucks will get you 2 scallops. 2 ordinary scallops on, I think, a couple of mushroom shavings.
All of the appetizers were pricier than hell and, frankly, mediocre.

The entrees are uninteresting and again, the old joke: the foods lousy, and the portions are small.

Even the desserts - teensy tiny tastes - are nothing to write home about except, of course, for the marvel of paying so much for so little that's so bad.

Why, then, is this place still open? I dunno. Location location location? Or maybe its the stellar service - which would have been perfect, had the waiter not brought the bill.

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  1. That's not been my experience. While not life altering, I found it to be solid having a very good rib eye entree and a delicious desert on top of the stellar service. I don't particularly remember either the app. or pasta cource.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've also had some good, not great, meals there. I've had some great dishes, but overall I think the place is dependably good. And while I consider it somewhat expensive; considering the neighborhood, the customers and the type of Italian food, it doesn't seem out of line with other, similar restaurants. I have a friend who often stays in the hotel that it is attached to, so I've eaten there a number of times and have always found it a perfectly pleasant place to catch up with my friend over a good meal.

        1. I have to disagree also -- I've always had consistantly delicious food at La Terza and never felt uncomfortable.

          1. I always take Italian visitors to La Terza.
            I still have to find a single one of them that doesn't call the place excellent.

            OTOH, your comments sound weird.
            High chairs and small tables?
            Pricier than hell?
            Teensy tiny tastes?

            Are you sure you're talking the right ZIP code here?